Air Subaru flies again

Bibleburg, as seen from the overlook at Palmer Park.

Another week, another flight aboard Air Subaru. This time it was back to Bibleburg to clear some stuff out of the garage at The House Back East™, which is to have a new proprietor by close of business Friday.

We’re talking your basic high-speed up-and-back, so apologies to the many Bibleburghers I missed during my whirlwind tour.

I was able to visit our old friend and former tenant Judy, who’s now living in a senior center off Lower Gold Camp, and looking fit despite a bad fall that required surgery, some aftermarket parts, and a whole lot of rehab.

Looking stormy this morning off the side patio.

Too, I caught up with John Crandall and the rest of the gang at Old Town Bike Shop, where we spoke of Tim Watkins, another recent victim of gun violence.

Then I beat it back to the Duke City in time to vote in Tuesday’s election, sign closing documents for THBE™, and score a half-bushel of freshly roasted green chile, some of which went almost instantly into vegetarian quesadillas for Herself and Your Humble Narrator. A green chile stew is to follow directly, as the weather is said to be turning damp and chilly for a couple of days.

And now, after piling a couple thousand miles onto the odometer in two weeks, it’s time to give the old hunk of junk a break. The Subaru could use one, too. So it’s back to human-powered transportation for a spell. Look for me on two feet and two wheels for the foreseeable future.

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6 Responses to “Air Subaru flies again”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I’m tired just reading about it.

    Duffy has an ear infection, so this morning will be devoted to getting a same day appointment with the vet.

  2. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I’ll be doing some of the road miles next month to Denver for the PBMA tech summit. Trying to make plans to meet up with old friend Maynard Hershon while I’m out there – perhaps at the Barolo Grill where they’re having a truffle festival. That oughta put a nice dent in my wallet!

  3. Libby Says:

    That is so sad about your friend’s death. I had no idea that random/for fun murders was a “thing” on roads and trails in Colorado. Where is the state police/local police presence – it all seems so fait accompli.

    Back in 1990 or so my father’s friend and coworker relocated to Colorado Springs. He had recently lost his wife to cancer and his son was affiliated with the Air Force Academy. He was stunned at the amount of guns, the ubiquity and casualness about firearms. Also, he was surprised by the racism and Wild West vibe. This was a retired civil service professional who had belonged to a union representing professional, scientific and technical employees. A lovely man who was a stranger in a strange land. Unfortunately, he met and married a woman who tried to fleece him. A grifter he was finally able to divorce. I always knew that you didn’t exaggerate about Bibleburg. And I was always glad that you had some great friends, acquaintances and neighbors in that strange land. (For the longest time I didn’t know that Colorado Springs *was* the fictionally named Bibleburg.)

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