From our No Shit Dept.: Hotels aren’t secure

No bag limit.

Sometimes I get the impression the fake news thinks we rubes never leave our flyover-country shacks.

Of course hotels aren’t secure. Nothing is.

Look at the pile of luggage I dragged into the Luxor for Interbike last month. I could’ve had a crazed midget with a sawed-off shotgun inside that rolling suitcase, a MAC-10 and a couple dozen extra magazines in the messenger bag, a few bricks of C4 in the backpack, a couple of Glocks with spare mags’ in the camera bag, and the boiled head of Sean Spicer in the cooler.

Nobody batted an eyelash when I hustled all this crap from the self-park up to my room. Not even The New York Times.

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22 Responses to “From our No Shit Dept.: Hotels aren’t secure”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Suitcase nuke?

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    “Boiled head of Sean Spicer?” Now that is scary. And it probably got you on the federal no fly list.

  3. sherkat Says:

    Hmmm….You ain’t drinkin’ anymore and we haven’t seen Spicey in awhile…..what’s in the cooler?

  4. Dale Says:

    PO’G please don’t tell us we need cavity searches to check in to a hotel now. What we need is sane gun laws. I live in Maryland and you can buy a high capacity clip if you buy it as a “kit” (wink,wink,nod,nod). You don’t even need a friggin’ tool more than a screwdriver to assemble it.

    • JD Dallager Says:

      A satiric, but accurate, view of a very sad and troubling topic:–but-not-guns-

    • khal spencer Says:

      And now, with 3-D printing, what do you think people will make with their printer?

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Exactly. What we don’t need is more “security theater” which seems only to annoy the hell out of everyone while the evil-doers find a way around it far too often. The Aussies got sick and tired of massacres like these and did something about it, so all those who say it’s impossible are simply full-of-it.
      Does anyone really buy the argument that kooks armed with military assault weapons somehow prevent the bad ol’ gummint or some other force from taking over the USA? Those ISIS folks have plenty of AK47’s and such, but they seem to be losing battle after battle to those with serious arms – tanks, airborne bombers, Predator drones, etc. We don’t allow Joe Citizen to own those, so why AR15’s and the like? Will we ever be able to overcome the NRA/gun makers?

    • khal spencer Says:

      Agree, Larry. The Malheur Wildlife Refuge Liberation Front folks bravely ran away when the going got rough.

      I was interviewed by The Trace this morning and they asked me about ARs. My problems with an Aussie solution are strategic, i.e., I think the solutions to gun violence don’t have to run head-on into this issue:

      1. Its fifty years too late, 10-20 million out there. Its not clear to me why someone needs a civilian version of an M-4 without some sort of oversight (such as making them NFA items subject to a Federal permit, which is why you don’t see tommy guns in street battles any more). That said, they are the most popular rifle in the US today. I think the die is cast with ARs, at least at the Federal level. States have passed bans that have so far survived Heller quite well. But from what I have read, there is massive non-compliance.

      2. Political land war in Asia to put the horses back in the barn. Meanwhile, not much else gets done because the politics will be even more polarized.

      3. They make up a small fraction (a few percent) of annual gun death toll. Garden variety handguns do the most damage.The real issue with the gun manufacturers and NRA is promoting concealed carry of those miniature hand cannons. More guns do not make us safe. Especially when they are stolen and misused.

      Good article in The Guardian about this whole friggin topic.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      “Security theater.” Haw. I like that. Make-believe makes money.

      I sell Bob a gun, which makes Tom nervous, so I sell Tom a Kevlar vest so he can feel secure. But Tom doesn’t want to be playing defense, so I sell him a gun too. Natcherly, Bob will want some body armor now, and maybe a mortar. RPG for Tom. And minefields for everybody! Then the B-52s, and I’m not talking the band here, either.

      It really is long past time to have a sensible, serious “national conversation” about how to get a grip on all this boom at large in the Land of the Free.

      But are we a people capable of having a sensible, serious conversation about anything anymore?

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Not until the people in the middle have had enough. And it seems they haven’t had enough yet, even from Congress. You won’t see shit from Congress. I sent McSally an email 3 years ago about bump stocks, including the Slidefire link, after getting chased off the city range by two wannabee gang bangers and their bump stock equipped AK-47 clone and thousands of rounds of surplus ammo. Everybody else was watching them and waiting for the accident to happen. The range master asked them if it was legal, and they said yes. So, we, along with many others, just slowly packed up and left. Haven’t been back since, and I don’t plan on doing any shooting again. And I never heard back from McSally.

        • khal spencer Says:

          Talked to Alex Yablon about bump stocks and all that shit today. Seems like something was bound to go wrong with such a device, don’t you think? These should have been made illegal by redefining whatever rule ATF uses to instead mandate rate of fire, but in today’s environment when the NRA can do no wrong…..

          I have yet to see one of these devices at my range (several club members do have Class III licenses and have an annual machine gun shoot). Back last year several idiots shooting black rifles semiauto like maniacs were bad enough for me. I was trying to sight in my bolt action Winchester and was suddenly showered with empty but still hot 5.56×45 casings. These clowns didn’t even apologize. I finally left in disgust.

        • Patrick O'Grady Says:

          These things are intended to help people kill other people faster, period. Marketed to the bozos who think they’re destined to rule after the apocalypse.

          I mean, who takes a bump-stock-equipped black rifle hunting? For anything other than long pig, that is.

          Of course, as K notes, the real problem behind the day-to-day body count is the garden-variety hand cannon. The dudes doing each other in down here in the Duke City aren’t rocking modified long guns. It’s 9mm whatever, hotter than hell and fresh from someone’s nightstand.

          That said, the concept of Second Amendment as bulwark against feddle-gummint tyranny, first and foremost, has really dumped us into the abattoir.

  5. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Speaking of “security theater,” check out the plans for Duke City’s Balloon Fiesta. They’re gonna run out of rubber gloves and K-Y real quick, is my guess.

    Of course, they might just skip the lube.

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