Marching on

Going up. …

February is gone, and good riddance.

It’s 66 in the ’hood right now, and we have begun the annual Running of the Noses, which lets us know that the junipers are acting up and spring is right around the corner.

… and going down.

I’m fresh out of review bikes and am working my way through the fleet to refresh my palate. The Voodoo Wazoo, Bianchi Zurigo and Soma Saga have all gotten some love, and so has the Co-Motion Divide Rohloff.

Today we went a-rolling along a clockwise lollipop loop near the Elena Gallegos Open Space and I was surprised there weren’t more cyclists out and about on such a pleasant day. Plenty hoofers, but few huckers. Maybe they were all on the road.

That had been my original plan, but I got distracted with some household chores and didn’t roll out until noon, when a short trail ride seemed to make more sense. Come the afternoon a stout wind tends to spring up and you can be certain that it will be all up in your grille when you’re homeward bound and all tuckered out.

Speaking of which, I got tired just reading about what Johnny Isaak does with his Divide Rohloff. You will too.

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3 Responses to “Marching on”

  1. Pat O'BRien Says:

    That Mr. Isaak really works a bike. I am glad that he found the TRP Spyke brakes totally worthy, as I do. And speaking of good work, I really enjoyed your review, both written and video, of the Fuji Touring Disc. I just read it on the back patio, with a cold beer, in the 73 degree warmth. Hard to believe it snowed a few days ago. It’s life in the high desert.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The gent does pound out the klicks, no? Interestingly, he’s since switched to Paul’s Klampers, a brake Adventure Cyclist tech editor Nick Legan admires.

      If I were logging the kind of hard kilometers Mr. Isaak is I’d look seriously at them, but they’re not exactly cheap. Nor should they be. And they may get even pricier if Beelzebozo follows through with his “easy-to-win” trade war.

      Glad to hear you liked the Fuji review, Pat. Anyone looking for a sturdy tourer definitely should clamp his/her peepers on one of them there.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        Paul makes drool worthy components! I wonder why they didn’t use a two piston design. Every single piston mechanical disc caliper I have owned, BB5, BB7, and BBDB howled like a banshee as soon as the rotor got any kind of dust on it. Plus, they have less braking power and difficult and frequent pad wear adjustments.

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