Ride the Ruta del Rancho Pendejo

A stretch of the Paseo del Bosque trail, south of the zoo.

A few of us who hang around this digital cracker barrel plan to get together for a weekend of casual cycling in the Duke City, and you can join the fun.

The inaugural Ruta del Rancho Pendejo is slated for June 2-3, with one ride on pavement (probably taking in the fabled Paseo del Bosque recreational path) and another on dirt (the largely gentle Foothills Trails).

There will also be the eating of green chile, the consumption of beverages, and the talking of shit. You can read all about it here.


One Response to “Ride the Ruta del Rancho Pendejo”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Be there or be square! Riding with the folks that hang around here is my idea of a weekend well spent. Patrick and I rode the Paseo del Bosque together last year, and it is a sweet ride with no road crossings for almost the entire length. Plenty of places to stop if you need to, or for us to regroup if necessary, and the aquarium. botanical garden, and zoo are along the path. It’s a ride I assume that many who live there might take for granted, but I am more than willing to drive 400 miles to ride it again because it is unique and special! And playing in the mountains close to Rancho Pendejo will be lots of fun.

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