San Luis

Apropos of nothing in particular we have this lovely Andy Mann video in which the country around the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve serves as the stage for “San Luis,” by Gregory Alan Isakov.

I stumbled upon this at NPR’s “World Cafe” while clambering down various rabbit holes, hoping to escape the wind.

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7 Responses to “San Luis”

  1. Carl Duellman Says:


  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    That’s nice indeed! We will go to iTunes and throw a few pesos his way. In the meantime, if you capo on the 3rd fret and play G, F, and C, I believe you can play along with that song.

  3. SteveO’D Says:

    I’ve missed him twice but he passes through about once a year, so will catch him next time.

    Really enjoyed this:

  4. Chris Ivich Says:

    A sweet song and video about the San Luis Valley. I will pay attention to this artist.

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