Song of the wind

An east wind scours the Sandias (wind not pictured).

I decided against ’crossing it up today, and hoo-boy, was that ever a rare smart move.

The wind had its own idea of a good time, and I found myself grinding into the teeth of it aboard the Voodoo Nakisi, underdressed and overgeared.

If I’d been on a Steelman with its 36×28 low end I’d have turned around, I shit thee not. But the Voodoo has that 22T granny ring, and you bet your ass I was using it, early and often, as the cold wind raged from the northeast.

Working my way around the Elena Gallegos trails I encountered the occasional hiker bundled up like a sherpa summiting Everest. It wasn’t that cold by the numbers, maybe the mid-40s, but the wind was making a liar of the thermometer.

It reminded me of a ’cross I did back in Colorado, with the wind completely off the charts. Occasionally some poor sod would shoulder his bike for a run-up and get spun around like a weathervane.

I was surprised nobody got screwed right into the ground at that race. But it was probably frozen solid, and I remember how hard it was to pound in the rebar while setting up the barriers.

Meanwhile, back in ’Burque, the tailwind was so fierce on the homebound leg that I had to ride the brakes. True fact. I actually got home before I even started the ride and nearly ran into myself coming out the front door.

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8 Responses to “Song of the wind”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I would pay a dollar to see you go so fast you drop yourself. The wind just sucks the soul out of me. I know a climb will end; I don’t know what the wind will do.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It’s nuts here right now. A local Weather Underground station reports gusts of 24 mph, but I have doubts about that. It’s flat howling out there. The Big Bad Wolf is pounding on the door.

      A shite night to be homeless, to be sure. I’d best be extra nice to Herself.

  2. larry brown Says:

    I love the wind when it is behind me,but the return is hell.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I usually start off into the wind, but that’s no guarantee of a tailwind. Not in New Mexico, Home of the Rotating Headwind. I think it springs directly out of the stem cap.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Same here. Plenty of times I’ve had the wind switch after slogging into it looking forward to making the turn for home. Iowa is at least as bad as NM for that. Not so much in Italy where the winds tend to be less and our routes tend to change directions more frequently, so we don’t slog along into the wind for too long. I was fortunate yesterday as the wind didn’t really get going until I was back home and showered. Can I be lucky again today? Less than 3 weeks to go now…

  3. JD Dallager Says:

    PO’G: You have now shown that time reversal, or ripples in the space-time continuum are not only possible, but achievable. I’m guessing that you came back younger than when you left. Correct?

    Next up for you is a tailwind-assisted trajectory to the moon or Mars. On a bicycle of course!

    Think of the accolades, movie rights, and $$$$$ you could generate.

    Or just get everyone out on bikes, with a prodigious tailwind, and we could be living in the 50’s again……when America was great. 🙂

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