Aw, fog it

A quick shot out the front door.

The weather went abruptly and lightly sideways this morning.

We’ve had a bit of everything today, from light snow to rain to sleet to fog, while up north travelers are intercoursing the penguin on a nasty stretch of Interstate 25 at La Bajada. Getting up that hill in evil weather is trouble enough. For getting down, what you want is skis. Or perhaps to stay home.

The various wounds are healing nicely, thanks for asking. Since the weather seems ill-suited to vigorous outdoor exercise I believe I shall award myself a rest day.

If the knee requires ice I have some in the refrigerator. No need to go out looking for it.

The last time I did that I wound up with my left communications digit in a bright blue splint.

Speaking of falls, Austin Murphy (you may remember his writings about HWSNBN Back in the Day®) has gone from working for Sports Illustrated to driving delivery for Amazon. He serves up a good read about how that package gets from Jeff Bezos’ magic kingdom to your doorstep. And yes, like HWSNBN, occasionally these guys have to pee in a bottle. Just not the way you think.

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9 Responses to “Aw, fog it”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Checking account overdrawn, but wife is an attorney that makes good money, and they are refinancing their house. Only happens in California. I guess I’m missing something here or the man ain’t as smart as the bike rider he used to cover. That guy ain’t broke.

    Anyway, the weather here is like my mood, foul. Computer problems, lots of unexpected spam, and an ice maker that makes cubes that taste like shit, have got me to the point of moving up into the snowy mountains and finding a cave to hole up in until the Dumpster is crowned king.

    I’m riding tomorrow if I have to put snow tires on the Double Cross, cause right now I am feeling double cross.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Hm. Computer problems must be going around. The 2009 iMac, which I recently “upgraded” to macOS High Sierra — because how much worse could it get? — just shit the bed in a couple-three different directions.

      The auld beastie alternately declines to either recognize or work with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface; suddenly refuses to open the Audio Hijack app it had no trouble with just a few days ago; and every now and then for no good reason the fans will come on at Warp Factor 9 and it sounds like Elon Musk is flyin’ the fuckin’ thing to Mars.

      I’m wiping the drive and recycling the barstard. Enough is enough.

      Funny thing is — and I shouldn’t say this, not before knocking on wood (knock knock knock) — but my 1999 (!) G4 Power Mac is still ticking along like a bloody Swiss watch.

      Meanwhile, I wonder what Austin’s credit-card debt is like, and where that house is. Sounds like he’s driving around the North and East Bay quite some. Y’spose he’s in San Francisco? If so, like, yikes. You gotta do a pow’ful lot o’ lawyerin’ and free-lancin’ to make that dog hunt.

      • Pat O'Brien Says:

        My problems were roque plug in, my guess only, on the iPads telling me I won a prize from Cox Cable, my isp, if I click on their website, provided in a link of course from whoever the hell was putting this shit on my pad. Anywho, then I get a spam saying someone is using my Cox mail account and I must log on and change the password, again using the link they provide in the email. If these assholes were flesh and blood and in the living room, I would have shown them how good old single action revolvers can still get the job done.
        Then I was trying to use a Apple Store gift card to buy a new Apple TV. It was harder than trying to fly to the moon with a muffin fan. It seems that I have caught your virus. I will never be smart. I just keep buying the shit that torments me. Add in cabin fever, and you have a totally shitty day.

        • Libby Says:

          Pat, I get the Walmart “prize” whack a mole on my iPad and iPhone. Not the same aggravation, but a friend texted me a Christmas photo in HEIC format and I can’t see it or download it and I have an updated (iOS 12.1.2) iPhone. Every search I do tells me I shouldn’t have a problem or advises me about Macs or PCs frustrating. And this is so very minor compared to what you and PO’G are dealing with!

      • DownhillBill Says:

        FWIW my early 2008 iMac w/10.11.6 has been running much better lately. I’m wondering if the fact that I’m using a VPN (Ivacy) most of the time may have foiled various beasties that I didn’t know were trying to get in. No evident problems that I could attribute to that, but used to have many of the symptoms you mentioned experiencing some time ago. I don’t miss the gazillions of targeted ads either. Also don’t have to restart the old beast every time I turn around.

        I use the iPad for most consumption now, and don’t do as much creative stuff on the Mac, but I don’t see a correlation there. YMMV of course.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Computer, iPads, iPod Touch, Wifi, and email are firing on all cylinders after some tranquilo troubleshooting. And, the sun is shining. However the next winter blast is coming our way, and Patrick and Khal will get the brunt of it. Ah, life in the high country.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Our street looked like a hockey rink this morning. I got my exercise shoveling out the place and then my neighbor’s sidewalk to boot. Its a wet mess out there right now and we are supposed to get another dose of the white stuff tonight. Oh, well. The mountains definitely need snowpack so i can’t complain.

  3. JD Dallager Says:

    Very little snow here in Bibleburg; but a high of 13F tomorrow and a low of -1F. I won’t mention the chill factors.

    Looks like another inside day on the CycleOps trainer. Ugh! 🙂

  4. khal spencer Says:

    And, now the cell phones are nationally hosed.

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