‘No, no, no, no …’

Meanwhile, from our No, No, No No No, No, No (Yes) Collusion Department. …

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13 Responses to “‘No, no, no, no …’”

  1. Steve O Says:

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    He must have some real dirt on the dumpster. Otherwise, he would have fired him months ago. So, let’s start a rumor that Rudy is been talking to Mueller fishing for immunity.

  3. David Rees Says:

    Seriously, where are all these clowns going to go, and work, when the Dumpster goes down and this whole thing turns to shit? They all can’t all go work for Faux News – or can they?

    And the other fun thing for later? Watch Gloria Allred. Love her or hate her, she’s got very large brass ones and she hates to fucked with. When this asshole is no longer Prez, remember she’s representing about eight or ten women who have the groping goods on him. She was smart to wait until he’s out and then she’s going to lower the boom on him.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      You can bet on it David. Probably a panel show with Hannity as lead. That’s unless the Murdoch boys pull the plug on that bullshit factory.

    • JD Dallager Says:

      Books, gentlepeople, books! $$$$$$$

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      I would guess all these grifters are getting money on the order of what Fat Nixon was paying Cohen…all under-the-table of course, deposited in Wilbur Ross’ banks in places like Cyprus or the Cayman Islands. So even if there’s no room for them at Heritage Foundation, Liberty U, K-street or Trump Broadcasting (aka Fox) they’ll all be fine, just fine. A silver bullet or wooden stake is all they really fear!

  4. Jon Paulos Says:

    I’m going to start saving my copies of the NYT that cover this. Years from now, my grandchildren are going to ask what it was like to see a criminal president removed, indicted, convicted, and sentenced. I want to pull out the papers and show them. First they’ll turn up their nose at the paper (you mean you read the news on paper back then?), and then I’ll get to it. The key is going to be Giuliani’s comments about only knowing that Trump didn’t collude. Oh man, the rest of the rats are going to start jumping.

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