Cool cats

Mister Jones and me, stumbling through the barrio.

Oof. The allergies are fierce. I slept OK last night, thanks to a hit of Benadryl, but the previous night I woke up at midnight with my nose running like a Democrat after the White House.

Snorting and snuffling like a hog hunting truffles, I had to relocate to the spare bedroom so that Herself could bag the Z’s she needs to help Darth Goodhair run the Energy Department.

And I felt like hammered shit most of yesterday, so none of the ol’ bikey ridey for Your Humble Narrator. In fact, I suspect that a two-hour trail ride through the junipers may have triggered the late-night snotlocker meltdown.

But we were talking about cool cats, and so here’s the tale of a Scottish cycle tourist who made a new friend on his two-wheeled trip around the world.

I suggested a global bicycle tour to Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment) and his adjutant, Miss Mia Sopaipilla, and they told me I could fuck right off with that shit and bring them something to delicious to eat at once, if not sooner.

Also, here’s Marc Maron’s interview with T Bone Burnett, a very cool cat indeed who’s taking a hiatus from production to release his first album in 11 years, “The Invisible Light.”

Burnett’s chat with Maron covers a lot of waterfront, from the Beat Generation to Jackson Pollock, Jimmie Rodgers to “True Detective.” Did you know that Robert Johnson’s real name was Dusty Spencer? Or that the blues came from Texas? That mariachi music comes from the French?

Me neither. Maybe it’s the Benadryl talking. Just what I need, another voice in my head.

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7 Responses to “Cool cats”

  1. B Lester Says:

    Dean Nicholson and Nala is quite a story. Very cool. Our pets complete us, don’t they?

    As a dog person who is allergic to felines, I’ve known many cats. I’ve never been able to resist making friends- to the extent that they will allow…

    Thanks. If there’s a follow-up report in the fall, we’ll have to find it.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Darth Goodhair!

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Sorry to hear about the allergies. I suffered through those as a child but as an adult I’m OK as long as I stay clear of cats and dogs (as in not inhabiting the same space for very long) and hold my breath as I cycle past someone mowing down weeds and grass. But at least the OTC drugs work without making you feel wiped out I guess?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I had hideous allergies and asthma as a kid, especially in Texas. Had to take a long series of desensitization shots, and on family road trips we carried the magic elixir in a cooler so some local medico could jab me with it as per schedule.

      Moving to Colorado seemed to help. Less stuff to trigger allergic reactions, maybe? I even quit using an inhaler for a while, though when I took part in an asthma study in the early Nineties (it paid, and I needed the money) the docs were surprised I could race with my bum pipes and said I should get back on the albuterol straight away.

      The asthma seems to be less of an issue in my geezerhood. I only wheeze noticeably under heavy load on cold days, like when running uphill. So I do without the albuterol, which I only used immediately before exercise anyway.

      But the allergies seem worse since we moved to the Duke City. Mulberry, elm, ash, cottonwood, juniper, sycamore, wisteria, you name it, we got it. Also, and too, the fine particulates, this being more of a true desert than Bibleburg.

      Yesterday I pushed the envelope, riding for a couple-three hours, mowing the lawn, and then riding the Vespa for a bit to charge the battery. And I suffered the consequences (snurk, gork, hyeenk, hauuuuuckkkkk, ptui).

      So lately I use Claritin-D 12-hour during the day, if need be, and a four-hour Benadryl at night, so I can get to sleep. That shit makes me stupid, though. Or dumber than usual, anyway. I may cut it back to a half dose, if only to keep it from turning me into a MAGA hat.

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        The mulberry tree are kicking in down here to complement the ash trees. The town is full of them except sections built within the last 15 years when the city finally cracked down on mulberry. I seem to do OK now with Claritin 24 hour, neti, and Flonase as a last resort. I have never suffered like Patrick does, and my allergies kicked when I was 25 or so and living in Georgia. They got better in Arizona at first and then went slowly downhill until now, 38 years later.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I’ve had a helluva time finding suitable meds. When I was 17 a doc at Ent AFB prescribed me some Tedral, joking, “Now don’t sell these to your friends.”

        The ingredients included theophylline, ephedrine and phenobarbitol, and the last poleaxed me the one and only time I tried Tedral. Knocked me out for something like 12 hours. When reds came into popularity in college I gave them a wide berth, sticking to speed, acid, mescaline, psilocybin, marijuana, hashish and alcohol. You know, the usual.

        Not long ago in Bibleburg a whitecoat tried to sell me on an asthma med billed as superior to albuterol. One pill per day. The list of potential side effects boiled down to “All hope abandon, ye who enter here.” Psychosis, suicidal thoughts, etc. I didn’t even take one of those, as I had all the voices in my head I required.

      • Carl Duellman Says:

        i lived in houston as a child and i also got allergy shots. i don’t know if they worked or not. the pollution i’m sure didn’t help as this was back in the late 60s. i had asthma as a teenager but it was probably more stress related than actual allergies. when i moved to pensacola twenty something years ago, we lived in an old house with no air conditioning and i was a snotty mess. all that 100 year old dust and mold and mildew. when we gutted the house and installed central heat and air, my allergies went away. we just spent a week in denver and colorado springs and other than the dry air my sinuses did fine.

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