President Fullo Schidt

I always thought it was bullshit when they told us in school, “In this country, anyone can grow up to become president.” But it turns out that the only thing they got wrong was the part about growing up. Oh, yeah: And I think they meant “anyone human,” too.

Remind me why anyone, anywhere, including the people who work for him, would think that this pendejo isn’t basically a 300-pound parakeet entranced by his own reflection?

• Trump Undercuts John Bolton on North Korea and Iran

• Japan Rolled Out the Red Carpet. Trump Veered Off Into Personal Fixations

• Miffed at Fox News, Trump Flirts With an Even More Fawning News Network


7 Responses to “President Fullo Schidt”

  1. Recreation Law Says:

    That’s a mean thing to say about parakeets!

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Like I said in an earlier comment, every time I see pvt bonespurs around a uniform, especially saluting, I want to puke.

    I hope the sumo wrestler uses the president’s cup for a chamber pot.

  3. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    And what percentage of US voters will vote for “Don the Con” again in 2020 so they can “own the libs” as they like to say? Where’s “Caribou Barbie” to screech out “MAGA. How’s that workin’ for ya?” Where’s the great healthcare plan? RX drug price reform? Draining the swamp? This IS the guy who crowed “I alone can fix it” so he’s got zero excuses as to why we’re not tired of winning.
    Impeach the MOFO already!!!

  4. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Meanwhile, I certainly hope the Donks will keep Merrick Garland in mind during any further dealings with The Turtle, who has all the honor of a hyena working a gutpile.

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