Hot plate, señores!

Nothing like a hot plate on a cool evening.

It’s not quite autumn yet, but what the hell. Behold the green chile chicken enchiladas with arroz verde.

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28 Responses to “Hot plate, señores!”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Is that a real beer?

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Yum. When a man is in the kitchen with a beer, great things happen.

    • khal spencer Says:

      My neighbor in Honolulu was an executive chef. He used to whip up some awesome meals at home and invite us over to “test” them. He always had a drink in one hand and an implement of kitchen destruction in the other.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The photographers at the Gazette used to battle for the right to shoot Rusty Mitchell’s food section every week (there was post-shoot eating involved). That woman could flat sling some hash. And drink some hooch. A Southern belle of style, distinction and manner, she was.

    • SAO' Says:

      The greatest chefs that I ever personally knew where always doing amazing things with nothing. Just knew the right way to do the little things. Experimenting is cool, but experimenting leads to cool things, but it’s also true that knowing the fundamentals and not making mistakes makes the simple seem extraordinary.

      My wife’s mom is a prototypical western Nebraska farmer’s wife, so her menus are heavy with the traditional: meatloaf, pan-fried chicken, seasonal fruit pies. You’d swear you were in a Normal Rockwell painting, and there’s nothing on the table that you haven’t seen a thousand times. And yet, every meal is a home run. Been eating at their house for 21 years, and she’s never made a mistake, not once. (And don’t blink when she’s making a pie crust. You’ll see her measure the flour, cut in shortening, and then all of a sudden there are two 9″ shells on the table and you don’t know where they came from.)

      Mark Twain said that fried chicken should never be attempted north of the Mason Dixon line. Not sure how far west that line actually spreads, but I’ll take western Nebraska pan-fried over anyone else’s, as long as you include their gravy.

  3. SAO’ Says:

    Green chile chicken burritoes … I’m thinking a Hop Avenger IPA.

  4. Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

    That kind of food might be the only kind I miss in Italy. Now and then we find avocados available at a reasonable price (rumor has it they’re gonna start growing ’em here in Sicily) and the wife will whip up some decent guacamole. We can usually find a bag o’ tortilla chips to finish the deal…and of course there’s beer.
    Did I ever post the story of poor Maynard Hershon’s “enchilada verde” ordeal?

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I left a cushy pizza-delivery gig in Vermont to pursue a “career” in journalism in large measure because there was no Mexican food worthy of the name in either Burlington or Winooski.

      And no, I don’t believe you’ve told us that Maynard story. Lay it on us, por favor.

      • Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

        Poor Maynard: Many years ago he was with us somewhere in Italy at lunchtime. When the waiter came to take our order Hershon pointed to something on the menu when it was his turn. Our various dishes came in the usual order, antipasto, primo and secondo. We’re all enjoying our secondi (main dishes I guess you could call them) but Maynard’s so far had NOTHING, not a single dish has been put in front of him! Finally the waiter comes round and puts a green salad in front of Maynard. Not a mixed salad, a green salad…just lettuce. We can all tell he’s starving but wonder why-in-the-hell he’s ordered just an insalata verde? Do I need to explain what he somehow THOUGHT he was ordering?

        • SAO’ Says:

          I’ve done basically the same thing, dozens of times, but twice in front of large audiences.

          Canadian Air Force Base in France. My town’s minor league hockey team had an away game. Won, and everyone met at the bar/cafe afterwards. I’d never heard of poutine before, so that’s what I ordered … with a side of fries.

          Another big dinner in Switzerland, fondue restaurant, And the appetizer that I ordered was a smaller version of my main course. And because the wait staff knew that I was an American knucklehead, they plated the app exactly like the main course and served them side by side.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Hoo haw. This is why, in strange places whilst ordering unfamiliar grub, I look to those around me.

        “Fuck’s this? Good t’eat? Bring me what they’re having, only twice as much, seal voo play, veet veet, on da lay, chop chop.”

        • Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

          Yep, but some folks get that “I’ll do it my own self” mindset, with predictable results. In France one year we had a client (who later got the nickname “Lovey” – as in Mrs. Thurston Howell III) who told the wife, “Hon, I’ve learned and forgotten more languages than you’ll ever know.” and then promptly ordered the terrine, saying “I’m in the mood for soup tonight” then trying to act like she knew she was ordering liver pate when the waiter brought her order!
          She wasn’t done there though – the next morning she sawed off a massive chunk of what was butter on the table, saying “Oh, cheese for breakfast, I so love France.”
          Sometimes ya just gotta let ’em learn the hard way 🙂

        • Patrick O'Grady Says:

          And then there was the San Luis Valley fella who, upon his first visit to a sushi bar, mistook wasabi for guacamole. Imagine his discomfiture.

  5. Pat O’Brien Says:

    The latest American “super size “ me abomination.

  6. SAO' Says:

    Not quite autumn yet … but we’re all signed up for fall racing!

  7. JD Dallager Says:

    One picture, one sentence…..more than enough food for thought!!

    Twenty comments… twenty-one!!!! 🙂

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