Scott Pankratz will lead the Adventure Cycling Association, succeeding outgoing executive director Jim Sayer.

The Adventure Cycling Association has hired itself a new executive director.

My attention was elsewhere when the deal went down, and I don’t know what it means for The Organization. I may have met Scott Pankratz in the course of my wanderings, though I don’t recall doing so. I have met many people, many, many of them, and they have met some version of me.

In any case, he seems to have been involved in good works, co-founding (with wife Julie Osborn) the nonprofit Ecology Project International; serving on the boards of the Montana Community Foundation and the Montana Nonprofit Association; and riding the ol’ bikey-bikey from Hither to Yon and back again.

“My passion and enthusiasm as the incoming executive director at Adventure Cycling come directly from transformative moments in the saddle from Alaska to Mexico,” Pankratz said via press release. “I look forward to expanding our community to give everyone with a bike the confidence, community, and gratitude that is at the heart of the Adventure Cycling experience.”

Scott takes over from the departing Jim Sayer early next year. Best wishes to both.

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2 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Mr. Pankratz has some big shoes to fill. I wish him the best as you do. I hope he will continue the excellent balance between print and digital content. I use both, and the ACA magazine and Cyclosource catalog are the only print periodicals that stay in this house.

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Hopefully he won’t pull a Sports Eviscerated, but he doesn’t sound the type nor is Adventure Cycling owned by a bunch of robber barons. Besides, I just renewed and they better not f*ck with the staff.

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