It’s only business

When is a bulletproof vest not a bulletproof vest? When it’s a shroud.

I was gonna make this very argument yesterday, but Kevin Drum did it today, so I don’t gotta.

Looks like Rudy the Putz is getting fitted for those Redi-Mix traveling shoes.

“What the hell is this?”

“It’s a Sicilian message. It means Rudy Giuliani sleeps with the fishes. Which reminds me, any of yis seen Mick Mulvaney lately?”

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5 Responses to “It’s only business”

  1. khal spencer Says:

  2. SAO' Says:

    I’m not sure if this point will be important down the road, but it’s worth filing away in the back of everyone’s cranial housing group: Attorney/client privilege only applies when there is in fact an attorney and client relationship. Rudy was working for free for just about everybody, and Rudy was getting paid by the people who supposedly were working for him.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Couldn’t happen to more deserving guys. Haven’t seen Rudy yukking it up on TV lately either. He is already looking for cover, and will sing like a bird to keep out of the orange jump suit. Do we have an extradition treaty with Ukraine?

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    And in other parts of the dumpster’s circular firing squad, Bannon just shit on Stone.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Ya gotta hope the pendulum swings back the other way in November 2020. The previous prez’ biggest scandal after two terms was/is the sleazy deal about his Veep’s kid while the current guy’s term so far has been almost nothing but scandal.
      I said things would be interesting when Don the Con won the Electoral College, but I never thought they’d be this interesting and so obviously corrupt. I think Fat Nixon’s no longer even a good con man. I loved the anonymous quote from someone in his administration about Donnie not being very hinged when he came in, but now he’s totally unhinged. IMPEACH THE MOFO ALREADY!

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