A reconnaissance

“A Reconnaissance,” by Frederic Remington,
liberated from the National Gallery of Art.

Saddle up, buckaroos. We’re fixin’ to mosey into the heart of the Holiday Roundup.

As is often the case, the weather seems likely to suck come Eat the Bird. Some big-ass storm is poised to gallop from Californy right through Fort Fun, taking a giant dump on many a carefully devised travel plan. Why, we may even get a dash of the white stuff here in the Duke City.

Happily, we ain’t goin’ nowhere. The mom-in-law will be joining us here at El Rancho Pendejo for the holiday feast, but this will entail a round trip of about eight miles tops. Not like those 260-mile, stop-and-go death marches we used to endure between Bibleburg and Fort Fun, watching our fellow travelers take high-speed diggers in the median and/or ditches and then clog the breakdown lanes and/or frontage roads trying to find a workaround.

Mind you, this was on dry roads. If the weather were turble bad, why, then we might really see something.

Where are all y’all bound?

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24 Responses to “A reconnaissance”

  1. JD Dallager Says:

    PO’G et al: Stayin’ here at home in the Black Forest (near Bibleburg) and family w/grand-daughters will be here with us.

    Forecast is for 6-10 inches of the white stuff tonight and tomorrow……will be a “White Thanksgiving” our way.

    A safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! 🙂

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good day Partirck and family! We will be here having our feast with our tandem bike buddies and guitar friends fairly fresh from a 12 year tour of Cochabamba, Bolivia. So an afternoon of bikes, beer, and guitars. Wanna come down? If we set up the card table, like in the old days, we can fit 3 more for the feast.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Thanks for the invite, Hoss, but with the MIL in town, I am commanded to perform feats of magic with my colleagues Messrs. Whirlpool and KitchenAid.

      I am also instructed to leave the guitar in its case, as the MIL’s hearing aids work.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    We will be staying home in the People’s Republic of Fanta Se and making the usual tofu turkey and washing it down with some Pino Noir. Also, taking care of Annie, the new member of the family, a fifty pound bundle of doggie energy who reminds me of those Tasmanian Devil cartoons. I don’t have a picture of her here in the Cube Farm, but she bears a passing resemblance to Fuerte, esp. in color. But the face on Annie looks like some sort of Aussie Shepherd/German Shepherd cross. Which explains the 50 lb size.


    Dash of the white stuff in Duke City? And here I thought they had all moved on to black tar and crystal meth.

    • psobrien Says:

      A new pup? Yea, your house is now whole again!

    • khal spencer Says:

      Yes, a new pup. Kinda a rough month. Disregard the rest of this if I said it already.

      Meena was off in London about a month ago with one of her best friends. Our previous pooch, Molly, was definitely slowing down, being about 15 yrs old. But one day last month I got home from work and walked her around the block. She seemed fine. So we got home and I let her off lead and went into the kitchen to make dinner for me and round up some kibble for her. But no sign of Molly.

      Went looking for her and found her panting strangely and very wobbly in the bedroom, staring at the wall. Thought it was poisoning so brought her out to the kitchen and put her in her kitchen doggie bed and called Doggie ER to get directions. Got worse, so picked her up and put her in the car and off to the Vet ER on the south side of town. By the time we got there she was unable to even get up.

      Long story short, they found her abdominal cavity was full of blood. Probably an aneurysm from a tumor we didn’t know about and the weakness was from bleeding out internally. By the time the vet and I discussed the situation and decided to put her down, she was almost gone.

      Damn house seemed awful empty after that.

      After Meena got back we started looking around for a dog and got one down in Albuquerque at a doggie shelter at Coronado Mall. So here we are.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Congrats on the new family member, K. We’ve gotten to meet a lot of dogs lately — yesterday on a run it was dogs ever’ whichaway, and one of the staffers at the MIL’s new digs brings her Boston bull terrier to work.

      I still like dogs, a lot. But there’s something about cats. …

  4. Libby Says:

    An early dinner with friends at a restaurant. Looks like it won’t snow or rain on the day. Best wishes to you, Patrick, Herself and family and all the readers!

  5. carl duellman Says:

    stayin’ home, ridin’ bikes, flaggin’ some new mtb trails.
    have you been to the american museum of western art in denver? https://anschutzcollection.org/
    that was probably the best thing i did in denver.

  6. Craig Says:

    Being here in Fort Fun, we’ll be staying put and possibly digging out come Thursday.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sounds like a doozy, Craig. My sis and her husband are up there, and like you they are rigging for heavy weather. And like K, they have a newish dog, who seems to be settling in quite nicely.

  7. debby511 Says:

    I’m settled into Boulder County, where I spend most of my time these days, being re-encumbered by employment. Not planning to go anywhere until this storm clears out! Might not even go to the office tomorrow and it’s only 3 miles away.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Well, I suppose it beats being encumbered by unemployment, if only because one generally gets paid whilst on the job. Is Crestone supposed to get hammered too? Looks like Weirdcliffe will be getting off light this time around.

      • debby511 Says:

        Looks like Crestone and the rest of the SLV is getting off light this time.

        12 – 18″ expected here in the People’s Republic.

  8. Peter W. Polack Says:

    As a single guy with no familial obligations, I get to spend it the way I want to, ALONE! I’ll bet some of you are jealous…

    I hate the turkey meal tradition B.S. (I hate ALL traditions!). I figured I’d participate my own way. I’m making turkey chili.

    I hope to include a bike ride.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      In my newspaper days I usually worked the holidays, which was fine with me. Occasionally someone would take pity on us and bring in some grub. It was usually a slow day on the job and that was fine.

      When I started learning how to cook I got off the turkey train real fast. I’ve made cacciatore, Mexican combo plates, stews, you name it. I still love turkey with all the trimmings, and especially the leftovers, but Hey, Zeus — spending a couple days cooking to eat for 15 minutes is slightly nuts.

      I’ll be making this sheet-pan meal for Thanksgiving. I make a few changes — instead of lemon zest I use a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and instead of tomato paste I use a bit of thick chipotle salsa. I also do a pound each of spuds and turnips. On the side, Martha Rose Shulman’s stir-fried succotash.

    • Downhill Bill Says:

      Calvin Trillin wrote a column some years ago advocating the adoption of spaghetti carbonara as our national Thanksgiving dish.

      Yep, I have done that.

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