12 Days of ’Toonsmas: Day 10

A colleague thought this one might get taped up on a few shop walls.
From the October 2019 issue of BRAIN.

As noted on Day 9, e-bikes have their ups and downs. Like any other bicycle, only more so.

They ask more of their owners — check out this article from an REI master tech in Portland — and of their friendly neighborhood mechanic.

Sometimes, a fella just longs to see one of the old bikes. V1.0. The kind that doesn’t give you much help, but doesn’t give you many headaches, either.

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13 Responses to “12 Days of ’Toonsmas: Day 10”

  1. Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

    The beauty of the bicycle for me is simplicity. I have a wireless gizmo on the handlebars of my sporty bikes, mostly to keep track of mileage for service intervals on the chain, but otherwise simple is better.
    My guess is E-bikes used for transportation are gonna get the same care and service those folks observe with their other transportation devices – probably zero until it stops working. Does AAA rescue these folks now?
    My non-E shopping bike gets as much attention as I used to give our car(s) – a wash now and then, semi-regular checks on lube and tire pressure and that’s about it – but if it needs anything more, I can take care of it without electronic diagnostic equipment or a hydraulic lift.
    I put this stand in my new shop so I could work on bikes like these without taking the wheels off. No thru-axles here, but anti-theft type skewers. Unless the wheels need to come off, I’ll leave ’em where they are. http://www.bicisupport.it/index.cfm/STAND-DUEMILA/?fuseaction=skdArticoli&id=366

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Good morning. I wouldn’t even know what a Version1.0 bike looks like anymore.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    I suspect that when you get into the electronics, these ebikes also have a lot of “no user serviceable parts; send back to Germany/Japan/China for warranty service”. Suddenly you have a fifty five pound non-e bike.

    I had three recalls arrive in the mail on my spouse’s ’17 Subaru Impreza last month and one on the Forester. We had zero recalls on the 07 and 09 (the one that lady totalled in front of our house or we would still be driving it). I asked the dealership when it was that Subaru forgot how to build cars. I think I will wait on any e-bike until the jury comes in with reliability analysis.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      My man Hal has nothing good to say about Subarus. His wife has been through a few of the newer models, and up Weirdcliffe way, anyway, it seems they have been the proverbial vale of tears. She’s driving some class of GMC SUV these days.

      My 2005 Forester (knock on wood) has been reliable, and I don’t regret trading the 1998 Tacoma for it (though I occasionally miss having a truck).

      Now and again I think about getting some new-used vehicle with a little less white hair in its ears. And then I think again. Lord, do I ever hate the whole process of acquiring a new auto-mo-beel. It helps that nobody seems to be making anything that I want.

      • SAO’ Says:

        The older the Soobie, the better. They’re move to a full line of CVTs paid off in mpg ratings but not reliability.

        That five speed manual boxter will run forever.

      • khal spencer Says:

        We had two failed timing belt tensioners on our 2002 Impreza. Fortunately they just got loose rather than crashing valves into pistons and were fixed under warranty. Nothing ever went wrong on the 07 and 09 other than user error. Sadly, I traded my 07 when I had all those injuries in 2016 and couldn’t work a manual due to a broken foot and shoulder surgery, so got the CVT. I have a friend with 220,000 miles on her Impreza with a CVT; its running fine. We shall see….

      • Larry T. atCycleItalia Says:

        Oh how I enjoy no longer having a car! But I sort of have one at our resort each summer so there’s that. But all I have to do with that one is install/remove the stickers and roof rack and wash it regularly. Most of ’em are nearly new and rarely give me any trouble (even when they are FIATs like this season) but I’m glad to hand ’em back at summer’s end, jump on the plane and return to two-wheels (or two-feet) to get around here in Sicily.

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