Glide path

2018 file photo by Chuck Jagermeister

Turns out it was a glider pilot who augured in yesterday near the Menaul trailhead, a spiky area from which Herself and I have collected ouchy souvenirs of various ground-level mishaps.

“Get the tweezers, Bactine, and whiskey, hon’, we got a long day ahead of us.”


16 Responses to “Glide path”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Minor injuries. Musta been a soft crash landing.

  2. Shawn - Bikesailor in the Gorge Says:

    It appears in your photo that spikey cactus might be the better thing to crash / land into. Those metal laundry lines stretched between towers might enlighten any parasailor. Zap! Pop! Sizzle! (I just had to add in the Batman reference).

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Those paraglider types got some stones. Trouble is, there are some stones waiting for their stones once they descend, if they do so badly. Also cacti, buzzworms, a trail surface that’s equal parts sharp scree, coarse sandpaper, and dog shit, overhead lines (bzzt bzzt bzzt), and oblivious pedestrians digging their bad jamz via AirPods. earbuds, and (no shit) over-the-ear headphones. So even if they have a little dingie-bell on their flying machines, ain’t nobody gonna hear it.

    • khal spencer Says:

      As long as you are way up there I think you can hit the wire and not die, as you are not grounding but floating. As soon as you provide a path to ground with one of those puppies, you get arc flashed into a fireball of organic molecules. At least that is what I remember from the R and D Energized Electrical class I used to have to take every year.

      Still, I don’t know if you land your parasail connecting in a specific configuration whether you turn into an aerosol. Interesting line work.

      • Shawn grounded in the Gorge Says:

        Yep. I know and you are correct. (regarding grounding from an overhead wire). But it is satirically humorous to add in the danger of high wires to the already dangerous mix of other perils when gliding.

        Me, I think I’d rather take my wingsuit out for a spin.. Bonzai !

  3. carl duellman Says:

    i always thought hang gliding looked like fun but unfortunately i never lived anywhere with anything high enough to jump off of. i’ve been up in a sail plane a few times and it was a blast. paragliding might be doable if i was diagnosed with something terminal. still looks like fun though.

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I jumped out of a hovering helicopter once, but ropes were involved.

  5. Dale Says:

    That looks like Brad Parscale – Trumps campaign manager. Looks like he managed to grab a glider before he was pushed off the cliff.

  6. tjf Says:

    You have reminded me of my brief hang gliding career. In the early ’70s a couple of neighborhood friends and I sent away for hang glider plans and built a bamboo and plastic drop cloth flying machine.
    like this.
    Our aviation experiment resulted in flights of 5- 7 seconds, at heights unimagined ie 5-7 ft off the ground. Independent verification of our accomplishment came when a friend of my mom ( who lived on the opposite side of the ravine we were using) called her to see if she knew what we were doing. To this day I wonder wtf my parents were thinking, letting us do that.
    I discovered cycling that summer as well. A safer way tp spend my allowance.

    google bamboo rogallo hangglider . You can thank Nasa and Mr. Rogallo for the concept. It was being researched as a space craft re-entry system,I have been told that was more steerable than parachutes.

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