A workin’ man can’t get nowhere today

Luck of the draw.

Happy Labor Day, comrades.

I’m barely a worker these days; my paying chores have dwindled to one “Shop Talk” cartoon per month for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

Of course, now that BRAIN is a part of the Greater Outside Globe-Spanning Vertically Integrated Paywalled Conglomerate, I find myself negotiating a contract to keep my faded Levi’s up and buckled while I continue to do what I’ve been doing for nigh on to 30 years. So it goes.

Thus, in solidarity with all y’all still on The Man’s clock, here a few random tales culled from our workaday world:

• Hotel workers serve as an unsung pit crew for the firefighters battling the Caldor blaze.

• Job openings outnumber the unemployed. But a gulf between the jobs available and what workers want has led to a “Great Reassessment.”

• Speaking of assessments, are the bots trying to upend the MeatWorld JobMart or are we just stumbling around in the dark as per usual? Kevin Drum has some brief thoughts on the topic.

• Is the boss watching, even when you’re working from home? Maybe. Say hello to “tattleware.”

• Can a workin’ man get somewhere today? He surely couldn’t back in 1978, according to Merle Haggard.

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8 Responses to “A workin’ man can’t get nowhere today”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Well, the good news is that the sun is out.

  2. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Well, Martin tells you they would like to hire you for life, and Taylor is 100% employee owned, including their factory in Tecate, Mexico. And, New Belgium has been renewable powered and 100% employee owned for years. So, drink more Fat Tire and buy a guitar is what I say!

  3. Shawn Says:

    The secret is to create the MadDog cartoon bot before the other guys do. Quick! Copyright “iMadDog”!

    I think I’d rather be stuck in a casino in smokey Tahoe getting a few bucks helping out the fire crews and watching the bears dig through the hotel garbage, then being stuck on a cruise ship losing my mind in Some Particular Harbor. “I don’t know where I’ma’ gonna go when the forest fires glow”.

    As for AI directed personnel departments, I’m still waiting for my loser letter for when I last applied to the Google factory in my area. They were looking for a security fence polisher and I’m pretty good at that – At least until they turn the electricity back on.

    Don’t people know that a piece of masking tape over your laptop webcam and an old old iPod playing loud elevator music next to your laptop mic is what your’ supposed to do?

    Perhaps I’ll labor down to my local union organized grocery store on my fat tire bike and pick me up some not-from-Belgium New Belgium to enjoy in my currently smoke free abode.

    Enjoy the day and remember to not buy any titanium nickels from some comrade in a place called Chernobyl.

    Masthead: Is that Putin Red or Butt-Kissing Trump Brown?

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