Someone’s looking for me

Book ’im, Dan-o.

Just ’cause you’re paranoid, etc.

I was browsing the Books section at The New York Times a couple weeks ago and stumbled across a blurb for a book that looked interesting — “No One Left to Come Looking for You,” by Sam Lipsyte — so I ordered it from Page 1 Books, my fave local bookseller.

It was a special order, wouldn’t even be released until Dec. 6, so immediate gratification would not be mine. No worries; no hurry. And so I went about my business.

Then, yesterday, I wandered back to the Books section and spotted a “By the Book” Q&A with Lipsyte, in which he drops a reference to a song that knocked me out the first time I heard it way back when — “Birth, School, Work, Death” by the Eighties alt-rockers the Godfathers.

So naturally I dialed it up on the old YouTube and commenced rocking out, which was about when my email went “Ping!” It was Page 1 informing me that my book was ready to be picked up.

I think my next purchase will be a rear-view mirror for the MacBook Pro.

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11 Responses to “Someone’s looking for me”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    We’ve been reading aloud ourselves to sleep with Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

  2. peterwpolack Says:

    We want a book review when you’re done.

    From the Simon and Schuster synopsis, it sounds like something Carl Hiaasen would write.

  3. Pat O’Brien Says:

    My smarter and better looking half loves her some “trashy” mysteries. She also likes Carl Hiaasen’s stuff. Thanks for the tip.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Has she ever read any James Crumley? Sort of a white-trash Dashiell Hammett. He got a little cartoonish toward the end but “The Wrong Case” and “The Last Good Kiss” are good reads.

  4. Michael Porter Says:

    Greetings from the bush

    Thanks for selecting todays ear music. So much better than some bubble gum pop song. I still have and listen to their 1988 debut album, on vinyl of course. It brings me right back to the first time I heard them as I waited to hear another band come on stage at New York City’s Bottom Line. It was a great venue and the dance floor in front of the stage was wide open.l

    After that anthemic opening track the album continues to flow into more great songs like “if I Only Had Time,” “Cause I Said So”, “Tell Me Why” and more. Like many debut albums it set a very high standard for their Sophomore return which , IMHO, was not as good

    Thanks for the reminder to pull this one out, remove the dust jacket and drop the needle

  5. clydethepointer Says:

    Saw the Godfathers several times in ATL late 80’s great shows in a smaller club. I too recently cued them up on Spotify. I like several of their tunes. The guitarist played a Les Paul with silver coins all over the body, he could rip!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I picked up an earworm recently watching “Mythic Quest” (not bad, sort of a “Silicon Valley” meets “The Office”). It was a soupçon of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to The Black Parade,” which was playing as the episode’s credits ran. That shit fucking rocks. Queen meets Green Day meets David Bowie meets The Beatles. I remember hearing them on various NPR affiliates but for some reason never bought the music.

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