FreeDumb® Friday

“‘Stop the Steal?’ I’m just getting started.”

Here’s a Fun Friday Factoid for all the Jan. 6 insurrection re-enactors in the audience: The attempt to overturn the 2020 election was King Donald the Short-fingered’s most successful business venture in 40 years, according to Timothy Noah at The New Republic.

Writes Noah:

As a political maneuver, trying to overturn the 2020 election was a miserable failure. It failed on its own terms—Joe Biden became and remains president—and it created all sorts of legal problems for Trump. … But as a business enterprise, January 6 was and remains an unqualified success.

It seems that the bulk of the $250 million raised to “Stop the Steal” went for no such purpose. Rather, according to the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, it was used “to fund the former president’s other endeavors and to enrich his associates.” (See the committee’s report, Appendix Three, “The Big Rip-Off: Follow the Money.”)

Follow along with Noah as he takes a tour of the Trump Treasure Trail. No wonder the election deniers hobbling the House of Reprehensibles enjoy sniffing his farts. They smell like money, son!

Wrapping up, Noah observes:

Trump may be losing his real estate acumen, but he’s found a new market in grifting would-be political insurrectionists. Another late-December revelation from the select committee (this from the testimony of Jared Kushner) was that the Donald wanted to trademark the phrase “rigged election.” Now you know why. From the start, Trump’s insane election claims were a highly profitable business venture for a man whose other businesses have lately, for the most part, been anything but.

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12 Responses to “FreeDumb® Friday”

  1. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Wonder how many God-a-fearing, pickup driving, guns a totin’, MAGA caps-a-wearing folk made donations to that $250M? Or did it come from 1% wealthier idiots er….patriots? (picture sweet Betsy DeVos) Either way I’d feel a tad vengeful if someone tapped me for a donation and then bought more hair dye and porn star payoffs with it.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I bleeve, Scooter, that most of that $250M came from the Little People. And no, not the leprechauns. My people are hard to separate from their gold.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      Maybe a RICO prosecution is in order? Let’s see. Mail fraud, wire fraud, and bribery committed by an organized group of people would qualify as a crime under the RICO act. Add in a little tax evasion and bingo, a tangerine traitor in an orange jumpsuit. No bias involved, just established facts and a fair jury could “get ‘er done.”

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      What the hell? What’s one more prosecution to a fella who doesn’t pay his lawyers (or anyone else who’s actually working for a living)? Bring it on!

      Speaking of getting what you pay for, the House of Reprehensibles should be ready for another full day of preening and posturing here in 10 minutes or so. Says the NYT:

      After a humiliating three-day stretch of 11 consecutive defeats in an election that is now the most protracted such contest since 1859, Mr. McCarthy briefed Republicans on a morning conference call on concessions he had made to the ultraconservative rebels, including agreeing to conditions he had previously refused to countenance.

      “We’re in a good position,” Mr. McCarthy told the group but noted that there was no deal yet, according to a person on the private call who described it on the condition of anonymity. Mr. McCarthy also said that voting could go into the weekend, signaling he did not think he had the support to win the speakership in another vote expected for just after noon, when the House is set to reconvene.

      If by “good position” he means “bent over the desk,” well … I guess it’s a matter of perspective.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Last count, it is 0W 12L. Heck, even the 1971 Buffalo Bills won one game.

        • SAO’ Says:

          Dems should be selling tees that simply say:

          212 > 202

        • Patrick O'Grady Says:

          The puppet thinks he’ll win it in the next round. You think they’re maybe messing with his mind? Nudge him right up to the line and then be all like …. “Um, maybe not. We have a few more items on our agenda. For instance, we haven’t discussed the Official Squeaker’s Wardrobe. There must be an adult bookstore in the District that could loan us a few samples.”

        • Pat O’Brien Says:

          I have run out of words for these tools, every single one of them. The only glimmer of hope in the whole debacle was that repugs walked out today when matty got up to badmouth the puppet.

          • Opus the Poet Says:

            No, they’re not tools, tools are useful sometimes. All these clowns are useful for is feeding plants, either with CO2 now, or decaying bodies later.

    • SAO’ Says:

      Pretty sure my dad still pays $100/year for a email address, and equally sure that he forgot the password and set up instructions, so it’s a digital/virtual dead letter box.

      There’s good money in exploiting fear and insecurity.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Oof. I don’t wanna think about how many old email addresses I have cluttering up the Innernets. And websites. And social-media accounts. Hard to believe, I know, but there was a time when this little ol’ shop of horrors here wasn’t my only hangout.

  2. Opus the Poet Says:

    I will be so glad when Agent Orange gets hauled off to the Gulags and we never have to hear from him again. When it’s a felony for him to have a cellphone. When interviews have to be monitored by guards.

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