I’m tired

“Vhy don’t you admit it? He’s too much of a man for you. I know! You’re going to need an army to beat him! You’re finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!”

“Joe’s not quick on the draw!
“Won’t lay down the law!”
The GOP croons

But as the Chinese keep spyin’
Joe sends jets a-flyin’
And busts their balloon.


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17 Responses to “I’m tired”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Yeah. We had to do something, do something. Harumph…Harumph.

  2. Si Little Says:

    ONE and DONE, Mr. Biden!

  3. JD Says:

    Gonna be a lot of cartoons, second-guessing, and Saturday Night Live skits come out of this one! Unfortunately, it also has national security implications.

  4. Dale E. Brigham Says:

    The Party’s Over: “They’ve burst your pretty balloon and taken the moon away”

  5. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Bunch of noise over nothing. Must have been a quiet news day. Countries just gotta spy. We do, they do, everybody does. I bet it was a weather ballon, and they sent it this way just to see what we would do.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It would be nice if this sort of pointless dick-waving went out of fashion one of these days. You get the wrong dummies waving them at the wrong time and you got trouble, right here in River City.

      • SAO Says:

        Ain’t it nutz that 80% of the world is led by boys who never left high school, emotionally speaking?

        • Patrick O'Grady Says:

          There was a clown on my high-school swim team who thought it was the acme of wit to engage a teammate in eye-contact conversation in the showers whilst surreptitiously pissing on the dude’s leg.

          I was surprised when he never became president, or at least a senator.

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        Autocrats, religious extremists, and dicktators, mostly and maybe only men, playing with nukes. What could go wrong? Come on boys, let’s put a woman in charge, except in North Korea. That sister maybe worse than the wacked out brother.

  6. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    And yes, SNL got right on the case. A couple decent zingers in there about our contradictory desires for privacy and the surrender of same.

  7. John A Levy Says:

    Having driven through Eastern Montana on more than five occasions, There is a lot of nothing but miles and miles and no body to give a rats ass When school buses hit the ground. Joe was a little slow on the trigger. Besides if they timed it properly they could have destroyed Rep. Matt Rosendales’ property. Repug from Maryland, carpetbagger, and neo-nazi extraordinaire.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I think Sleepy Joe should’ve sent Tom Cruise up in an F-18, had him eject from the aircraft and board the balloon, then override its programming and fly the sumbitch straight to the Pentagon for evaluation. Just set ’er down in the parking lot and throw the keys to the security dudes.

      “Put ’er in the garage, boys, give ’er a wash and wax while you’re at it. I got a meeting with Mark Milley. Yeah, yeah, he knows I’m coming.”

  8. Shawn Says:

    I think it would have been more apt to produce a video of shooting the nefarious balloon down with a drone flown by an 8-year pilot sitting at home playing another game. After quickly dispatching the target, the kid would go back to his game with nary a comment. The point of the issue would be to display that we are all ready for any problems that occur. The president wouldn’t need to say anything. Symbolism complete.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Or maybe James Gunn could’ve cobbled up a quickie featuring whoever he has in mind for the next Superman snatching up the balloon and pitching it like a Gerrit Cole fastball to Alpha Centauri.

      “Yo, China,” sez Supes, dusting off his palms, whisk whisk whisk. “Fuck around and find out.”

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