Hot times in the old town (for now)

Bibleburg popped a 4-year-old record today, hitting 78 degrees. And the springlike weather had all the eejits  out and about, believe you me.

First, I nearly got right-hooked by an inattentive motorist at a stoplight on the outbound leg of today’s ride; happily, being a lifelong paranoid, I saw her coming. On the homestretch I avoided T-boning a couple of dipshit mountain bikers on a fast descent through Palmer Park. They rolled casually from a parking lot into the road, right in front of me, screened by a phalanx of parked vehicles. Once again, I was lucky to have seen them long before they saw me. Disc brakes helped, too.

There is a particular class of narcissistic nitwit at large these days whose members believe that nothing they do can ever be wrong. It’s thinking on a par with Tricky Dicky’s “When the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

Then again, calling it “thinking” is a bit extravagant. I saw the faces of both motorist and mountain bikers, and they resembled nothing so much as the vacuous mugs of feedlot cows, contentedly chewing their own cuds.

The temptation is to lock up the binders, gesticulate and in general make a spectacle of yourself, offering up loud, detailed and specific instruction delivered mostly in words containing only four letters.  But what kind of crazy bastard shouts at cattle on a beautiful spring day?

6 Responses to “Hot times in the old town (for now)”

  1. Joey Ernst Says:

    That “particular class of narcissistic nimwit at large these days” appears more and more clearly as the public face of our country, at least as far as I can tell. Unless I want to walk around spittin’ angry all the time, however, I guess I’ll just take the long-view approach and remember that a thousand years from now you, I, and everything we know about our current-era lives will be nothing. Hopefully something better will have replaced all of the former… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Happy belated birthday and all that jazz. Although I’m not in the Springs (Durango these days) and don’t comment often, I still check in every other day or so. Keep the greatness flowing!

    • Khal Spencer Says:

      We’ve gone from the Greatest Generation to the Nitwit Generation in remarkable time. Maybe we need another war or great depression to weed out the garden.

      Gary Larsen might cartoon it with God taking out the eraser and starting another draft. Or, as a friend agreed at work, where’s that K-T boundary asteroid when you need it?

      • Joey Ernst Says:

        What makes it even more sad, personally, is that I suppose I’m technically part of the Nitwit Generation, being somewhere south of 30 years of age. I have DECADES (!) ahead of me during which to watch the farce… oh boy, can’t wait. This is why I hide out in small-town Colorado and spend most of my non-working time in the mountains.

  2. Charley Says:

    Well said: words and expressions are frequently wasted on 2 legged cattle.

  3. BenS Says:

    How dare you insult feedlot cattle!

    There someone had to say it, now back to intelligent comments.

    The only MTB’rs we see here in the great flatlands are guys hopping the curb on the morning commute. The vacant expressioned drivers? Yeah seen lots of those.

    passed on today’s ride to watch the race as well. What a fantastic last 15 K.

  4. gmknobl Says:

    I find that yelling at idiots, giving them explicit instructions makes me more angry in general. A yell off surprise or a HEY followed by a burst of energy into the pedals helps better. It would likely be best to say nothing but I find that very difficult to pull off.

    As for Khal Spencer saying we may need another war or great depression? War we have three already and it’s killing our country. Depression we have if you do the statistics the old fashion way – 16% unemployment. I wish it would help but we need a liberal and Keynesian savvy government first.

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