Charles Pelkey has some ‘splainin’ to do

A beautiful friendship

"There are many exit visas sold in this café. ...

My friend and colleague Charles Pelkey has a couple reasons to celebrate today.

First, he’s over the hump as far as his chemotherapy treatments go — just nine rounds left.

Second, the former VeloNewser — who got his cancer diagnosis and a pink slip on the same day — is taking his popular “Explainer” column to Red Kite Prayer, an online project by another friend and colleague, my dopplegänger Patrick Brady (you have no idea how many Patrick Bradys and O’Gradys there are in the journalism biz).

In welcoming Charles aboard, Patrick called his decision in part “a protest against MBAs who focus on the bottom line above all other considerations.” But he added: “The greater truth here is that I love his work and I believe by bringing him into our fold I increase the value of this blog to both you our readers and our advertisers.”

Truer words, etc. Where Charles goes, eyeballs will follow. Congrats to both Charles and Patrick. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

9 Responses to “Charles Pelkey has some ‘splainin’ to do”

  1. BenS Says:

    This is good. Have always enjoyed RKP. Now it gets better.

  2. High Plains Drifters Says:

    Congrats! Winning the war on both fronts.

  3. Larry T. Says:

    Buona fortuna to both of them!

  4. Khal Spencer Says:

    Nice site. What Larry said, too.

  5. Boz Says:

    Great addition to an already excellent site. Look forward to CP’s contributions.

  6. Khal Spencer Says:

    Added a link and a story about RKP to the BombTown Bike News.

  7. Khal Spencer Says:

    Just testing to see if this gravitar thing works…

  8. barry Says:

    Thanks to PB for taking on CP and POG for making me aware of all of that! I’ve got somewhere else to waste valuable minutes of my life on Al’s gift to mankind.

    As an aside, Patrick Brady gave a very interesting link about OWS in his announcement of the coming of LUG. Seek and find…it was worth my while and I hope it will be for you too.

  9. Rick Vosper Says:

    Very clever, Mister O’Grady– if that’s actually your name. Very disingenuous. But I for one will not be satisfied until you present real proof that “Patrick O’Grady” and “Patrick Brady” are not, in fact, the same person.

    Has anyone documented the two of you together at the same place and time?

    I thought not.

    Long-form birth certificates would do nicely.

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