Twilight of the dogs

Riding into the sunset

Is the sun setting on the American Experiment? Just remember, things always look their darkest just before everything goes totally black.

Looks kind of rural and peaceful, doesn’t it? A fisherman stands by a mountain lake just before sundown. …

Actually, it’s a pond upstream from a water-treatment plant in north-central Bibleburg. The place is surrounded by high-traffic roads, a dog-boarding operation and a hamburger stand. And it wasn’t nearly as dark as the iPhone thought it was when I shot this pic on yesterday’s afternoon ride.

Likewise, things aren’t nearly as dark as they appear to be as the minority of Americans who actually take part in their representative democracy prepare to do so once more tomorrow.

Yes, there will be voting problems, both manmade and heaven-sent. And yes, fully half the people who intend to cast ballots are clinically insane, woefully unqualified to operate the napkin dispenser at a burger joint, much less the right to vote.

But I cling to the faint hope that there may be slightly more of us than there are of them, and urge you to drag your deeply disappointed selves down to your neighborhood polling place tomorrow, and take two or three friends and neighbors with you.

Unless you plan to vote for the RomneyBot v2.012, that is. Then please to stay home, clinging bitterly to your guns and religion.


21 Responses to “Twilight of the dogs”

  1. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Been there, done that back in October.

    The one thing that I’m really concerned about in Iowa (other than having King voted out) is the judge retention question. There has been an effort to remove all of the Iowa Supreme court justices that were involved with the Varnum ruling. Basically, that decision allowed same sex marriage in Iowa. In the last election, 3 of the 7 judges were removed. A fourth one is up for retention this go around. The decision of the court in this matter was unanimous. There has been a metric shit ton of outside money from the usual suspects trying to get them removed.

    • Ira Says:

      I never understood the objection to gay marriage. Shouldn’t they have the same right to be stuck in a miserable relationship as a straight person?

      Anyway, we up North will be rooting for the Kenyan Muslim. Cross your fingers and hope your vote will count.

      • High Plains Drifters Says:

        PJ O’Rourke, about the only libertarian-leaning conservative out there who makes any sense, said about twenty years ago, Let everybody get married, and they’ll settle down, buy a house, take a look at their mortgage, and become republican.

        Of course, that was a totally different GOP.

        There is nothing conservative about social conservatism. The state doesn’t get to tell individuals how to live and call itself conservative

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Ira, it dumbfounds me, too. If nothing else, we must give a thought to the long-suffering lawyers. Poor bastards need every copper penny they can earn to keep the wolf from the door. Throw ’em a few gay divorces and they’ll soon be as right as rain.

        Steve, right you are about today’s “conservatives.” The State is a Menace, unless they find it convenient for menacing you.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Jeff, Herself voted early, too. Me. I like to pop round the polling place to cast a baleful eye on the proceedings. Old habits die hard. Plus it’s an easy walk from Chez Dog, and Dog knows this old fat bastard needs the exercise.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      Don’t get me started on this….the folks who want these judges out simply do NOT understand how the three branches of government work. Elect all the crackpots you want for Guv and whatever they call your house..but keeping things from going batty are the COURTS, where politics and stupidity are supposed to be absent. But since W skated in back in 2000 due to some chicanery by the Supremes, it’s open season for the whackos, whether it’s guns or the crime of letting Adam and Steve get married. I voted weeks ago too, so tomorrow I’ll be down at the precinct helping keep tabs on the Obama supporters so the HQ can turn out the vote while watching for any morons trying to keep likely Obama voters away from the polls.

      • Jeff Cozad Says:

        I don’t understand how anyone with half a brain could read the Varnum decision and come to any other conclusion. Perhaps that’s the problem, they either can’t read or don’t have half a brain. It was a matter of equal protection, pure and simple. The only plus out of the deal is that one of the replacement Iowa Supreme’s is a cyclist friend of mine.

        Now it’s time to wait and hope people still have some sense and don’t elect a corporation.

  2. GJ John Says:

    I voted a week or two back, and even dropped off my ballot at the county elections office just to be sure it got there. But my concern is with whether or not my vote will actually be counted. Our county is VERY conservative and geographically isolated, hence there’s really no hope of the “fourth estate” keeping tabs on our elections officials (and the local newspaper seems to have an incestuous relationship with a certain conservative political party).

    As has been said (and oddly attributed to Stalin, of all people), “You don’t need to control how people vote, just who counts the votes”.

    So the next chapter in this experiment we like to think of as representative democracy takes place tomorrow. Pop some popcorn, buckle in, and thank your deity that at least the Daily Show will make it all palatable somehow.

  3. Richard Long Says:

    Is it time to dig up my vinyl “Who’s Next?” and cue up “Won’t get fooled again?”

  4. Arnold Stonehouse Says:

    Hey MD. We up here in the Great Frozen North have been watching the goin’s on down there with equal parts amazement, amusement, and abject terror as I am certain many of you felt many times. The thing to remember here, is that your Republic has been through some pretty dark times in its past and survived. And so it shall again. Even the most venial of politicians (and you all know who you are so I am not naming names) must eventually pass into the sunset. Be of good cheer my friend and all will come right in the end.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Arnold, you’re right, of course. I’ve been voting since 1972 and have only picked one winner. So I do not lack for tenacity — and I suppose I also suffer from some latent, as-yet-undiagnosed optimism.

      Don’t tell anyone. It’d ruin my reputation as a professional cynic.

  5. Dale Brigham Says:

    First, Patrick my boy, I need to know more about this “dog-boarding operation” being conducted in your area. Is it sort of like water-boarding, but instead of being a form of torture, you lie down on a board, and a kennel-full of adorable puppies romp all over you and lick your face? ‘Cuz if that is what it is, I am totally going there and paying big money for that experience (despite what my cats will think).

    Here in MO, we have the prospect of electing a senator who will require our state university’s medical faculty to teach that women have the ability to turn their reproductive machinery on-and-off like a faucet (depending on the intent of their respective impregnators). Even my native MO spouse agrees that if that happens, MO will indeed be officially “The Stupidest and Most Backward State in the Union,” which I have maintained is the case throughout my 15 years here in mid-MO.

    I hope to be proven wrong!

    Dale in MO

    • High Plains Drifters Says:

      Did my tour at Fort Lost in the Woods. Lordy, the stories …

      If you can find the Waynesville high school yearbook, look at the senior class of any given year, and tell me every single one of them ain’t related.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Dale, we feel your pain. Colorado excels when it comes to inflicting legislative sores upon the body politic (Dougie Lamborn, I’m looking at you, though I wish I weren’t).

      I lived briefly in Springfield in the summer of 1972. It was part of my half-assed reinterpretation of “On the Road,” and the less said about that, the better.

      Some years later I had a go at recreating Hunter S. Thompson’s visit to Vegas. If Disney ever wants to build a theme park based on Rides You Should Not Take, I’m their man.

  6. Steve O Says:

    Saw LC this weekend. Amazing show. Seventy-freaking-eight and he skipped on and off the stage and played for four hours.

    Thought this was timely:

  7. khal spencer Says:

    My brother Steve and I will probably sit with a bottle of single malt tomorrow night and see what happens. Whether its a good or a bad drunk, I don’t know…

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Herself has been volunteering for the campaign and will do so again tomorrow. Me, I have been limiting my contributions to online agitprop and flipping the bird to Romney-Ryan signs.

      Tomorrow, after croaking a couple of deadline chores, I plan to spend the day viewing with alarm, and also whiskey neat.

  8. Libby Says:

    Aye aye, Captain

  9. bromasi Says:

    “whiskey neat” that will be me about 9:00 PST.

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