The days of wine and hoses

Tavel rosé

This Tavel rosé pairs well with food. It’s also pretty damn’ nice all by its lonesome.

We shipped Herself the Elder back to Tennessee this morning, or so we thought.

Her flight out of Bibleburg, slated for 10:45 a.m., didn’t go wheels up until 12:30 p.m. And her connector in Dallas was canceled, so she’s camped in the Dallas airport awaiting another. If she’s lucky she’ll be back in the loving bosom of her cats at midnight.

Meanwhile, Herself the Younger is driving home from Denver in a light snow and cursing like a sailor, because she (a) hates driving in the dark, (2) hates driving in the snow, and (iii) hates driving in the snow in the dark.

Only I am left unscathed to tell the tale, because I have the great good fortune to be unemployable and thus possessed of abundant leisure to motor hither and thither in the daylight, when it is not snowing. Thus did I hie me to the grog shop, fortified by a largish check for making things up, thence to restock the wine rack stripped bare by our Yuletide revelry.

Now I’m sipping a tart Tavel rosé and sifting mentally through the available leftovers: quite a bit of posole; the makings for a short round of tacos de papas con chorizo; some pintos in chipotle chile; the underpinnings for a second round of beef enchiladas on red chile, save the sauce.

Posole, tacos and beans it is. Even a slacker deserves a day off.

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9 Responses to “The days of wine and hoses”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Not. Much of a storm on this end. We just rolled into Durango and are polishing off some Chardonnay before bumbling across the street to Mutu’s to have some dinner.

    Joey, if you are reading this, we will try to say hello tomorrow,

    Cheers, K

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Durango? What are y’all doing in Durango? Damn, this time of year it’s all I can do to get the Subie backed out of the driveway for a trip to the liquor store. Say hi to Joey for me.

      • khal spencer Says:

        LANL shuts down for the week between Xmas and New Years Day and throws us all out. So its a good time to get outa Dodge for somewhere or other. I have to say Durango is a tad cold right now for my other half’s tastes, and doing US 550 between here and Ouray was a bit white knuckle at times..

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Sheesh, man, you’re supposed to head south in weather like this. Las Cruces, Tucson, Fountain Valley … just ask Charley.

      • khal spencer Says:

        Long story, wrapped around a recently adopted and slightly psychotic dog. We thought Durango would be easier for a first trip with Molly the Menace since its not as long a trip, we know the area, there is an excellent dog park nearby, and we have a good relationship with the hotel. Well, so far….

  2. Larry T. Says:

    Ciao all from sunny (but not so warm) St. George UT where I’m visiting my Rush Windbag-inspired father. I’ll be escaping tomorrow morning for a quick visit to SoCal before picking up the wife (back from hobknobbing with her fellow philosophical wizards in NYC) at LAX and heading back to (hopefully) sunny Santa Barbara for the final week of our escape from Iowa.
    Nice-looking rose there OG, a wine too often belittled by those who know only ghastly creations like “white zinfandel”.Some of the rose wines from Sicily and Campania are very tasty and go well with fish..thought they’re tough to find on this side of the big pond.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Ciao, Lorenzo. Yup, folks who mistake white zin’ (barf) for rosé are in for a treat when they discover the real deal. We’ve been drinking rosés from Provence, Corbières and Lanzac for some years now, urged on by a pal at the local grog shop who’s batty for them. But you’ll be pleased to know that I also scored a Barbera last time I dropped by — a 2009 Boasso Barbera d’Alba.

      • Larry T. Says:

        I remember knocking back a bottle or two of cold Provence rose back-in-the-days we crossed into France during our Italian Alps tours. Climb the Col d’Agnello, enjoy a hair-raising descent into France and dine in what looked like this lady’s backyard in the sunshine on a salade savoyarde…including a plate of frites of course! Only problem was the espresso afterwards…which was why we crossed back into Italia the next day!

  3. hurbenb Says:

    Oh My,

    should I mention that it’s currently 24Deg C & sunny down here in Hobbiton ? probably not. Saw the first of the Hobbit trilogy yesterday & I was blown away, Peter Jackson has done an awesome job.

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