Boogers, bikes and beans

I don’t know whether it’s Daylight Saving Time, the death throes of my 2-week-old case of Snotlocker Surprise, or simply a matter of cranking out too much velo-journalism in too few hours, but I’m whupped.

Today I did manage to slip out for a short ride between chores, however, and it was delightfully refreshing. Sixty-something and sunny, with a light wind. A nearly perfect day, and it gave me a Madison sling to the finish line of this latest deadline cycle.

Back at the ranch, while finishing a column and cartoon for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, I cooked up a pot of beans, pintos in chipotle chile, and with the roasted spuds in red chile that I made yesterday they will make a fine accompaniment to the chicken enchiladas in green chile that I will make tomorrow, right after another ride — a much longer, more leisurely outing than today’s.

The next two days I’m largely free of pressing responsibilities, a rare thing indeed lately, so I intend to take full advantage. I’m talking highs in the 60s and 70s, another unusual occurrence come March.

Now if I can just remember where I left my legs. Pale, thin, hairy … yes, two of them. They were here just a minute ago. …

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12 Responses to “Boogers, bikes and beans”

  1. Larry T. Says:

    Enjoy your cycling Mr. O’Grady! Over on the other side of the pond Ma Nature is screwing with us a bit, Forecast is grim for Milano-San Remo and a cold wind is blowing here in Sicily – so much wind I wimped out on my ride this morning after only 5 kms. Taking the shopping bike out to replenish our Illy espresso stock was bad enough – reduced to a trackstand at times trying to slog up the major corso into the wind. Time for some lunch I think.

  2. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    At the risk of being accused of suffering from a severe alcohol deficiency, or having my last marble destroyed by a shot from a competitor’s steelie, it is simply too nice a day to ride. Going to do a little yard work, plant some snow peas in the empty stock tank out back, and go to the farmer’s market. All, by the way, while being attired in shorts and a LBS T shirt. Mr. O’Grady, sir, please put in a few miles for me.

    • Larry T. Says:

      “Too nice a day to ride”? Yard work? You’re scaring me!!!

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Larry, it was temporary insanity. I have recovered, and since today’s weather is an instant replay of yesterday, the Niner gave me permission to play today.

    • Steve O Says:

      Yard work?

      Isn’t it a confirmation of de-evolution that our species plants stuff where it isn’t supposed to grow, then labors to keep it there? Or, worse, the paradox of fertilizing something so it will grow only to chop it down as soon as it does?

      As Gilligan would say, no thank you, Skipper.

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Steve, yard work in Aridzona means raking the gravel into zen type patterns. Then I watered the 4 bushes that the builder planted 24 years ago. The garden consists of 5 galvanized stock tanks filled with potting soil and compost. It’s a garden you can take with you when you move. So, time to ride buddy.

  3. weaksides (@weaksides) Says:

    Not so nice here today, but I think I’ll head north into the headwind either after work or a little earlier. At least it’s sunny.

  4. Boz Says:

    One year ago it was 70 degrees here in DulMn, today a balmy 34. Snow tomorrow, another 6″ on Monday. Can’t keep the cars clean, working in this crap sucks, and my weight loss is at a stand still. At least the cold Stellas in the fridge are a predictor that spring will soon spring….

  5. Larry T. Says:

    Meanwhile, those cruise ship problems continue

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