Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl

What with helping Consigliere Pelkey live-blog the Giro, cranking out the comedy for Bicycle Retailer, logging saddle time on the Jones Steel Diamond and the Co-Motion Divide Rohloff in preparation for reviews thereof, and assisting Herself with a new project — turning our House Back East™ into a vacation rental via airbnb.com — I haven’t had much time to follow the doings in DeeCee.

But now that I’ve had a minute to cast an inquisitive eye about the Innertubes, I have a question for those of you who have been paying closer attention.

Is it time we abandoned our flirtation with representative democracy and begged the Queen to take us back? God save the Queen!

Speaking of limeys, back at the bike racing, Brave, Brave Sir Wiggo’ went from descending like a girl to descending the Giro’s overall standings like a sick girl in a Radio Flyer full of anvils on Mount Doom. Defending champion Ryder Hesjedal has had even worse luck; they’re timing that poor sod with a calendar. I have no idea who’s gonna win the goddamn thing, but it sure is fun to watch. Join Mr. P and me at Live Update Guy for tomorrow’s stage, the Giro’s longest.

In California, meanwhile, it’s Jens Voigt making everyone look sick. The 110-year-old father of 16 crushed Tyler Farrar and Thor Hushovd under his chariot wheels en route to victory in stage 5 of the Amgen Tour. He told VeloNews reporter Matthew Beaudin that when he finally retires, if ever, it will take two people to replace him — “one to do the funny part, and one to be the bike rider.”

And me? I didn’t ride a meter today, in victory or defeat. Work, work, work, that’s all we have around these parts. That, and dinner with friends at Springs Orleans. Somebody had managed to FUBAR the house lights but we couldn’t have cared less, because the food was top notch. We just let our forks follow our noses.

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22 Responses to “Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    I see Chez Dog East is booked for the 4th of July weekend. I assume some tea party types wanted to come up and kiss the ground under Focus on the Family? So when does the estate have openings?

    As luck would have it, I injured my foot about a couple months ago. It kept getting worse, so when a local podiatrist had a cancellation yesterday, I decided to have it looked at. A few minutes of ultrasound showed a damaged tendon sheath surrounded by a lot of swelling and fluid that needed to be removed. A local anesthetic and a needle meant for a horse later, I hobbled out with instructions to stay off my feet the rest of the week.

  2. Steve O Says:

    If the Grand Tour honchos ever wise up and get Tour Tracker to provide live iOS-based coverage of their little spin about the countryside, they’d be smart to sign you and CFP up to do the coverage. Text narrative, that is. We all know you have a face perfect for print journalism!

  3. Steve O Says:

    Saw that Jensy was selected as Most Courageous. Tough call on that one, yeah?

  4. Steve O Says:

    Shut up, Hair!


  5. Larry T. Says:

    Have missed throwing my two-cents into the LUG stuff recently because of….WORK. Finished up with sunny Sicily and we’re now in the rainy north getting ready for the bike tour season. Hoping the skies will clear enough to let us mount the roof rack and sponsor stickers on the van in relative dryness. Maybe in a few days I’ll be able to actually RIDE a bike again too after watching plenty of others riding theirs…including brave Sir Wiggo who we now know is sick. Someone wondered what kind of sickness he had that seemed to only be evident when he went downhill in the wet, but what do I know? Could set up an interesting fight at Le Beeg Shew later if Wiggo returns to form and wants to defend his crown rather than let it go to the teammate who reminds me of the cartoon skeleton who plays his own rib cage like a xylophone. Meanwhile, I’m hoping for the remaining Giro contenders like Evans to keep giving us a great race all the way to Brescia. VAI NIBALI!

  6. chri5p Says:

    Meh. Here in the antipodes we are more concerned about how to jettison Her Maj and her gaggle of inbred half-Germans. Please, take her back. Maybe she can start handing out knighthoods to the likes of Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis and that other bloke whose name escapes me right now.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, I guess having gone to all the trouble of chucking them out in the first place it would be silly to give the whole shebang back, eh? Can’t say I’m big on what we replaced them with, though. Just another bunch of royals, is what.

  7. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Assuming that the “House Back East” is in Colorado Springs, that is something we would be interested in, as long as well behaved pets, such as the Duffinator, are welcome. If there are any mouses about the place, he will sort that out in short order.

    Got to love Jens. Don’t think there was any gifts there since 3 teams were on the podium. Man, outrunning Thor at 41 is some feat.

    Sir Floyd? Nah. Sir Lancelot? Ain’t that been done already?

    Khal, it sure is hard to do what the doc says, isn’t it. I am the world’s worst patient. I want it fixed, and I want it fixed now.

    • khal spencer Says:

      I almost broke out the bike today, but at the last minute decided that one more day sitting on my ass is better than a month should I screw things up.

      We meant to visit Bibleburg last summer and kibitz Patrick and Shannon’s renovations, but the world caught fire and we had to cancel. From the web pictures, it sure does look nice.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Take the rest, K. Me, I’m taking an extended vacation from running due to knee issues. Kind of miss the simplicity of it, but I sure as shit don’t miss the knee pain.

  8. Libby Says:

    Bet you and Shannon are the best hosts.
    Am enjoying the Giro – but almost exclusively on tape delay. My schedule has not been cooperative and I DVR the RAI coverage and stay away from the Internet. This year RAI is using graphics in English for the feed I receive. Peloton instead of gruppo compatto, etc. No Paolo Salvoldelli, either. Why, I don’t know.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Libby, I’ve been making do with the various pirate feeds from cycling fans.com. Eurosport when I can get it and whatever when I can’t. I had a French feed yesterday that made me wish I hadn’t forgotten everything I learned in Ottawa.

    • Larry T. Says:

      RAI’s facing budget issues (partially funded by the public like PBS in the USA) just like everyone else – looks like Andrea DeLuca has been returned to moto duty, replacing Il Falco in addition to his duties on RadioCorsa and the various late-night Giro TV shows. According to some, the money RAI ponies up basically supports the Giro, the sponsorship monies collected by RCS are paltry, especially when compared to that race where they give the leader a yellow shirt.

      • Libby Says:

        Thanks for the update and insight, Larry. I had googled in vain to find out what happened to Salvo. Alessandro Fabretti was on a moto , as well, in the last few years.

        Ariana (?) is a great addition to the coverage this year. She appears to be more fluent in more languages than the gentleman who handled the post-race interviews last year when Alessandra began hosting Processo.

        Several times in the past decade RAI IT also gave us Su Gira. That was great and I miss it. So we make do with the ‘cartolina’ Alessandra introduces before Francesco and Davide take over. Su Gira provided nice coverage of the towns and a festive atmosphere.

        This year we rarely see a Cassani pre-stage video recon and haven’t seen a Francesco and Davide re-cap. I remember when they had a meterologist and race physician on every day, too. I do realize that Processo sometimes continues on another channel (RAI Tre?) and RAI IT doesn’t switch over.

        In any case, I’m glad RAI IT continues to carry the Giro even though they got rid of coverage of many other races, T-A, Emilia, Nationals, Liberazione, MSR, Pantani, those races in August, etc.

      • Larry T. Says:

        Libby, ALL that stuff is on here in Italy. While Il Falco is no longer on the moto, we get Giro Mattino in the morning, then a midday bit, then the pre race stuff followed by Giro al’ Arrivo to the finish, then Processo with Alessandra and Co. 7:30 is another half hour with Andrea DeLuca and Davide Cassani, then Giro Notte at midnight. MORE than enough coverage – I have to limit myself or I don’t get any work (or cycling) done! But serious withdrawal sets in soon enough when it’s all done, then I’m tuning in Pearls of Sport where they run old clips of sports, about half of them are cycling. I’ve seen the Francesco Moser bit enough times I feel like his massagiatore!

        • Libby Says:

          Larry – Thanks for filling me in! I have serious withdrawal too when it’s all over. The racing, the parcours, the interviews, faces to names, all of it! Scarponi, gasping, hands frozen into claws that he couldn’t get off his handlebars, croaking out a few words into the mic after Saturday’s stage – Cabrelli banging the top of his bars, that and more, RAI’s coverage just provides words and images that are indelible.

  9. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Duh, clicked on the link. That is a nice place! We will keep it in mind when we visit. We are not sure when that will be.

    • khal spencer Says:

      I finally found the availability calendar over on that airbnb site. Seems that Patrick and Shannon have that place signed up pretty steadily until August.

  10. Patrick O'Grady Says:

    Fresh pix coming to the airbnb page directly, folks. The House Back East™ now sleeps five (two queen beds, one love seat that folds out into a nice single bed with a good mattress). We’ve had a couple renters through the place and so far things have gone smoothly; people seem to like the little joint.

    There’s that problem with the neighbors, obviously — particularly the profane fat commie with all the bicycles — but everything has a downside, no?

  11. brokenlinkjournalism Says:

    Clicked through to see the availability of THBE and it looks booked solid for the foreseeable future – or at least the dates/times I might be visiting. Very good news PO’G.

  12. Libby Says:

    Nice photos of THBE. Clean, comfy and convenient!

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