We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!

We’re … screwed.

Nearly 19 percent of the workforce here in Bibleburg, which famously despises the big, bad feddle gummint, gets a paycheck from same, according to The Washington Post in partnership with the Brookings Institution.

Imagine that.

Now, whom do you suppose Bibleburg will blame for the hardship wrought upon these 55,000 big-gummint employees by the feddle shutdown?

I’ll give you a hint. Half black, socialist, crypto-Mooslim, Kenyan, tyrant … ring any bells?

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25 Responses to “We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Yeah. Imagine what New Mexico is going to look like in a couple weeks when LANL and Sandia run out of carryover funds–I think we carry something over 4 billion bucks of the state economy. Already, i imagine the civilian workers at Kirtland, White Sands, Holloman, and Cannon are tapping out their personal savings. I suspect something like more than half of our state economy is about to get blown up.

    Shortly this pissing contest in Dee Cee is going to have real consequences here, too.

    • khal spencer Says:

      From Wikipedia: “…The federal government is also a major employer in New Mexico providing more than a quarter of the state’s jobs….”

      • John in GJ Says:

        See? Three-quarters of New Mexico still have their jobs. No problem at all.

        Meanwhile, here in Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument is closed just like every other entity in the National Park Service. Which means no cars. I’ve been debating whether I want to risk the ticket and fine. Awfully tempting. Hmmm.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Richard Skorman, who should be our mayor, is giving away free meals to furloughed feddle-gummint employees. Don’t recall hearing much lately from the dude that got the job. We’re hearing plenty from the Sheriff of Nuttingham, though. Bags of hammers look at this dude and go, like, “Dude, you are fuckin’ stupid.”

  2. John in GJ Says:

    Now, now, now…let’s not panic. I’ve been watching Fox News for the last 72 hours straight and they’ve convinced me that this shutdown, or “slimdown” as they’re calling it, is no big deal and, yes PO’G, it really is all Obama’s fault.

  3. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Here is your average, ignorant, and apathetic citizen. Then the stupid person laughs about it. She should run for congress.

  4. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Remember what George Carlin said, “Think how stupid the average person is, then realize half of them are stupider than that.” I would call the average citizen stupid, but they are damn sure ignorant. And, they don’t give a shit. Scary when you think sometimes half of those eligible vote on a regular basis. The other half? They are the ones that don’t give a shit. So, if they get real sick and don’t have and can’t get health insurance, fuck em, let em die. I mean we got to have some personal responsibility, right? Or they could run for Congress. If they die in office, just prop them up in the chair, lock their voting button on abstain, and replace them in the next election. Probably get more out of Congress that way.

  5. Larry T. Says:

    Sad, but you know what my wife says…
    But anyone who attended one of the so-called town hall meetings about this back-in-the-day remembers only too well the screwballs who chanted “keep your gummint hands off of my medicare” so it should be no surprise these same dimwits can be manipulated into opposing something the guy Repuglicans wanted to be president championed in MA when he was the governor. Whatever Obama is for, these morons, just like Groucho Marx, are against it, even if it’s going to help them. A friend of mine reports he can get the same coverage at the same price he’s currently paying…but his deductible will be far less than the current $5K if he gets coverage from the new exchange program. There must be some way to put an end to this tyranny of the minority in Congress, even if they are supported by a lot of morons. Even the ITALIAN government is currently working better than ours!

    • Steve O Says:

      I have no idea what conservatism is any more. There was a point in history here Edward Abbey considered himself one, so obviously the definition has changed over time.

      In its current form, it has many problems, not least of which is that most self-proclaimed conservatives are outwardly opposed to special interests, yet refuse to acknowledge their own interests to be special.

      Uncle Sugar hand outs increase, they don’t decrease, under GOP administrations. They just go to older, whiter hands, typically wearing golf gloves and holding Cadillac keys.

      Hence, demanding cuts to food stamps whilst arguing for increased spending on military defense contractors doesn’t generate a lick of self-assessment.

    • Patrick O'Brien Says:

      “Failure is an opportunity; when you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame” Tao te Ching – translation by Stephen Mitchell.

      Our failure is in front of our eyes. Its name is Congress. Time to fix it. Do whatever you think is best for the country.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        It’s truly amazing what a determined minority can do to a complacent and/or indifferent majority. Hitler; Lenin; Cruz; it’s quite a list.

        The Congress is only part of the putsch here, too, and the most obvious part. It’s the state legislatures and governors we want to keep an eye on, as Charlie Pierce notes during his weekly rundown of what’s going on outside the Beltway. The pea is not always under the shell you’re watching.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I don’t believe we should allow these fuckwits to call themselves conservatives, because they don’t want to conserve anything. They dreamed of a place that never existed and are hellbent on taking us there. This explains much about their choice of religions, by the way.

  6. bromasi Says:

    I’ve said this before “I sure miss George Carlin”

  7. Steve O Says:

    Just a little something lighthearted to get through the dark times.


    Some cool, some practical, some completely useless.

  8. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Ok, who will unleash the Mad Dog? I will. Let us go to congressional district 19 in the great state of Texas. Congressman Randy vs cyclist. Congressman Randy runs away. By the way, might want to ask any real estate agents you know that their National Association of Realtors help to finance this loser. You know, I hate to say this, but some folks do need an ass whuppin’ from time to time.

    • Patrick O'Brien Says:

      Please ignore my last post. My better half sliced off the tip of her right ring finger a little over a week ago. It is getting better quickly, but she is still restricted on what she can do. We went for a hike on Monday just to get some fresh air, and I slipped on a rock, almost fell, and torn a muscle in my back. So, two gimps in the house. I can’t ride. So, I go to the news this morning and, wouldn’t you know it, I look at the video of the congressman ripping a federal employee. My mood is so foul and nasty it would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon at 100 yards. I am not in sound mind or body at this time.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I feel your pain, Paddy me boyo. A wasp nailed me smack on a vein in my left ankle on Wednesday — the very ankle that I did a serious number on while hopping a fence back in the Eighties (“hopping” being something of an irony, as I was all beered up at the time).

      So here I sit, leg propped on a box, ankle twice normal size, full of Benadryl and bad ideas. Putting a shoe on is both problematic and painful. Is it any wonder we wish to spread the pain far and wide? Plus the Baboon Caucus makes it so easy. …

      • Patrick O'Brien Says:

        Get well quick Patrick, and Sandy and I will do the same. Man, I can’t wait to get back on a bike. Dirt or road, it doesn’t matter. But the ES is calling my name.

  9. Steve O Says:


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