The weather outside is frightful

"I'm ready for my closeup, Mister DeDogge. ..."

“I’m ready for my closeup, Mister DeDogge. …”

Well, it’s snowing, anyway. Nothing of back-East proportions, but still, it will affect a fella’s ability and/or desire to ride the ol’ bikey bike.

I just saw Dr. Schenkenstein go running past Chez Dog, and if that cyclo-crossin’ sonofabitch is afoot, it means I’m likely to be riding the trainer today.

In the meantime, while Mister Boo gets into character for another exciting edition of The BooCam®, you can get a glimpse of the first snow of the new year via the Mad Dog Media WeatherCam™.

• Editor’s note: The cam will be offline for a while as I try to hurt myself on a mountain bike in the snow.

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6 Responses to “The weather outside is frightful”

  1. Patrick O'Brien Says:

    Like you say, we, and that includes us downriver folks in the desert, will be drinking it in June. Let’s have a hand for a big and deep Rocky Mountain snow pack!

    And as I side note, half of the Everly Brothers returned to the source. The tight brother harmony is gone, except on recordings.

  2. Sharon Says:

    67 and sunny here today (though really windy). About to go out for a long ride for the afternoon. But the cold is coming our way soon.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Sharon, it was 60-something here yesterday, and I rode the Bootleg Hobo to Whole Paycheck to collect groceries (four panniers, 32 pounds’ worth). Glad I tackled that yesterday.

      Today I’m feeling extra stupid, so I might let some of the air out of my old DBR mountain bike’s tires and go play in the snow. Back in the day I’d do it on a cyclo-cross bike, but with 26-inch wheels you don’t have as far to fall.

  3. Steve O Says:

    Had to pick between riding the trainer or making tomato bisque and grilled cheese sammiches. The grilled cheese won.

  4. bromasi Says:

    God I hate my trainer spent a hour on it yesterday now I’m just looking at it.

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