Strange beverage

The sky is crying.

The sky is crying.

Oh, ’tis a fine soft day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ninety-three percent humidity is good for the skin after a long day spent drinking watery green beer with a few thousand of your closest friends followed by a nap in a shamrock-colored puddle of pee under the old F-350.

I managed to skirt the no-fly list once again and am squatting in the Charlotte airport awaiting the next pressurized aluminum tube full of viruses bound for Chicago, where I understand the climate is likewise good for preservation, especially of things like wooly mammoths, Ben and Jerry’s, and other frozen goods. Just as well, as I’ll be chilling there for at least a couple of hours before catching a Ford Tri-Motor for Bibleburg and Chez Dog.

Skipped the final day of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, as two days gave us a pretty good look-see at all the touring bikes that weren’t there and I like to rassle my travel arrangements early, especially when I have so little say in how they get made and turn out. If some TSA dude is gonna beat on my kidneys with a mop handle I want to get it over with early, is what.

Meanwhile, Mr. Deme is in Detroit, where he reports he is sipping a Miller Fortune.

“All I can say is we really needed High Life in another package with a bit of Malt Liquor Bull added to it,” he adds.

I recommended a chaser of Listerine, or perhaps some Park Tool chain cleaner.

“That’s next,” he said.

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5 Responses to “Strange beverage”

  1. Libby Says:

    Happy Landings!

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I hope O’Hare is kind to you, and you get a sanitized, just from the detailers, aircraft at the gate, loaded with 100% healthy passengers, to take you home.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    Drop some Owsley and tell me what the moving walkway in O’Hare feels like when one is properly in the mood. Otherwise, have a good trip back, O’G.

  4. John Dallager Says:

    OG: Suggest you pass on the Listerine and go with a wee dram or two of single malt! Safe travels!

  5. hurben Says:

    I’d go with the Single malt or several Guinness and/or Kilkennys, (my personal favourite).

    Stanley’s been dead since 12/03/2011 & I’m not sure how that shit ages.

    Not to mention my corporate life is so fucked up I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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