Interbike 2016: Pain in the. …

GoPro's crew and the sporting media, brandishing technology at each other. Sort of like the hominids waving bones around in "2001," only without all that Stanley Kubrick going on.

GoPro’s crew and the sporting media, brandishing technology at each other. Sort of like the hominids waving bones around in “2001,” only without all that Stanley Kubrick going on.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (MDM) — The stabbing pain in my right calf let me know that it was time to rise and shine, if by “rise and shine” you mean “vigorously rub a cramping leg muscle while employing language you didn’t learn from your momma.”

Vato's got a ticket to ride. Orrrrale.

It was way too early for a massage that doesn’t have a happy ending. Happily, the Starbucks just around the corner from the East Tower elevators is a 24-hour deal, and after I limped down there for a flagon of the black I was at least able to swear in English and without repeating myself much.

(Yes, I know, Starbucks bad. Starbucks evil. Starbucks also everywhere. We go to Interbike with the coffee we have, not the coffee we wish we had.)

Last night I connected with some of the Adventure Cyclist and Bicycle Retailer mobs for a media preview of a few brands’ offerings and a bite of dinner at Border Grill.

REI announced that it was dropping its Novara label for house-brand bikes, which henceforth will be called “Co-op Cycles.” And GoPro was showing its brand-new HERO 5 camera and Karma drone. That booth was the hottest spot in the room (apologies for the crappy iPhone shot).

I thought briefly about wedging myself into the crush to get the details, and then I thought again. The show hasn’t even opened yet. One cramp at a time, please.

• Deep Thought of the Day: Why do people involved in the collection and distribution of information gather in noisy bistros where they can’t hear each other speak? No wonder everyone stares at their devices all the doo-dah day. “Siri, tell Ray to message me, I can’t hear a damn’ thing he’s saying. What? Can you hear me now? How about now? NOW?”


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24 Responses to “Interbike 2016: Pain in the. …”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Have a great day exploring all things bicycle, or at least a good day. I finally took my old Hero 2, charged it up, and donated it to the local NICA (Buena Colts) middle/high school mountain bike team.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Good man, Pat. The young folks will get more mileage out of these things than we will.

      “Hold my beer and watch this” has fewer consequences for the sprightly and pink of cheek. Plus they need stories to tell. I already have too many and have a tendency to repeat my favorites ad infinitum.

  2. Mike Frye Says:

    As for the leg cramps, try Gatorade I just went through a couple of those myself until I drank about a bottle and a half that stuff. I’ll bet it’s pretty tough to get a natural amount of good for you food in such an environment. Nothing quite like waking up at three in the morning with both your legs jammed to your chest and in the worst pain you’ve ever imagined. Electrolytes good- cramps bad.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Word, Mike. Nothing like a trade show to alter your routine. Bad food, worse air and a shitload of walking.

      I took a respite from running back in May, and since getting here I’ve been walking about five miles a day on concrete through a nicotine haze, wearing a messenger bag full of journalistical electronica. And to get to this happy state I also shed about 4,000 feet of elevation while driving 600 miles in a 12-year-old rice grinder.

      I ate a few Clif Shot Bloks while hoofing around yesterday and hey presto: No cramp this morning. My puppies are barking, though. Ow, wow, yow, zow, etc.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    I don’t know why it works for me, but cramps while riding go away almost immediately when I chew two Peppermint Tums. An old riding buddy told me about it. I doubted it would work, but tried it. It worked for me.

  4. Steve O Says:

    The only name worse than Novarra, from a branding standpoint, is Co-op. No one ever knew what a “novarra” was, and “co-op” sounds like it comes with panniers made out of hemp, suitable for two bags of groceries from whole foods.

    Somehow I wound up on the mailing list for Leopard SpeedX. Slightly embarrassed to admit this, but the smart bar cockpit looks interesting. Mostly saying that because I just threw out approximately 9 yd.³ of rubber shims, mounting brackets, zip ties, and other junk from the multitude of gizmos I have attached to bikes over the years.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      It’s an interesting strategy, for sure. I’ll hear more about it when we meet with the REI-Co-op “We’re Not Novara Any More” gang today.

      You should see my gizmo box. I still have mounts for Avocet 20 cyclometers, I think. Time for a trip to Ye Olde Dumpster.

  5. khal spencer Says:

    Is REI trying to get really weird? Novara always seemed like a nondesript name for a line but at least you knew it was from REI and at least the name was Italian. Co-op seems utterly generic. Oh, well… I guess they could pitch the bikes with those hemp panniers that Steve mentions, and with Lola Granola sitting astride the bike.

    • Larry T Says:

      As someone who has been through Novara in northern Italy, it always had me scratching my head as to why they chose that name…so Co-op doesn’t seem all that dumb, but why not be honest and just brand ’em REI?
      Thanks for reminding me of the espresso desert I’m in here PO’G…I’ll be good and cranky tomorrow AM when I stagger into the Campagnolo tech seminar!

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      DHBill – I never thought there was any connection with track cycling champion Sue Novara (Reber) and REI’s house bike-brand. Have I missed something? Did they pay her a portion of the profits from the sales of these bikes? I thought the branding was the same kind of marketing crap as Toyota’s “Sienna” or Chevrolet’s “Monte Carlo”.

      • DownhillBill Says:

        Larry – IIRC the connection was from way back in the day when she was much better known, at least in the cycling community. Some sort of endorsement/marketing contractual deal, I assume. Sue was depicted in some of REI’s ad materials at the time (if my memories are actual and not hallucinations – at this remove it’s a fine line). She was also senior womens’ national road champ, and later coach of the womens’ national team, making for a higher profile outside of the track world.

        Incidentally, the religious site footnoted in her Wikipedia entry has a video which starts with one of her track races. The second heat in particular is, to me, a prime example of exciting track racing.

        I never knew there was a Novara in northern Italy, thanks for the heads up. One of these days….

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        DHBill – I’ve never heard of Sue Novara endorsing or allowing her name to be used on REI bikes. I always assumed it was the product of some marketing-maven with the very vague implication that there was something Italian about them and always chuckled at the thought of the bikes being named for a rather grim industrial city on the Po river plain in northern Italy.

  6. john Says:

    Patrick and everyone else — when you get a stabbing calf pain, it’s best not to assume it’s a cramp. If it’s only on one side, and if when you relax your muscle and feel it you feel any kind of lump, it’s possible you have a deep vein thrombosis, a rogue blood clot in a vein. Those can break loose and kill you dead – the clot travels back to the heart and, in about 10 percent of cases, stops it.

    Or, if you’re lucky, like I was, it goes through your heart and out to the lungs, where it goes into smaller and smaller vessels until it doesn’t fit — and then your chest hurts like hell and you lose some lung function.

    With me, it came on kind of gradually. I had some odd chest pain at night, but no other symptoms, and then took a nice long bike ride the next day, weirdly. By the next day it really hurt bad, so I went to the ER and got diagnosed, anti-coagulated, and sent home. I recovered fine, but I’m sure I lost some top-end lung function and I take anticoagulants now because the whole thing happened out of the blue, so who knows?

    I’m a geezer, slightly older than our A-Steamed Host, but healthy and generally fit. This can happen to anyone.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Thanks, John. I’ve heard a few horror stories about air travel and blood clots; I’m glad to hear they didn’t have to unzip you to get after yours.

      No chest pain here, happily. Just foot pain. I need me some roller skates to negotiate this buffalo herd. I must have looked like Frankenstein’s monster when I staggered downstairs for a cup of the black at dark-thirty this morning.

      • john Says:

        Foot pain isn’t usually an indicator I think, but calf pain is — especially with swelling, and almost always on one side. If this happens to you or any of your Dear Readers, hie thee to the local ED.

        Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor — merely a PhD.

  7. Pippin Osborne Says:

    regarding your quote of the day:)

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