Like rain falling on the city

The sky is crying.

It was gloomy around here the past couple days, and not just for the obvious reason. The weather finally turned and we got something like a half-inch of rain; a long, steady soaking.

Something seems dreadfully wrong
with this picture.

Even the normally stoic Turk grew unsettled, first spending an unusual amount of time under the bed, and then following me around like bad news.

This morning he was finally back to his routine: yowling outside the bedroom door when he’s decided that I’ve logged enough shuteye; jumping into bed for a brief cuddle; and finally nodding off as the sun crept over the Sandias.

Herself is easing back into business as usual, hitting her workout classes and fencing with the taxman, whose clammy hand is even less welcome in our pockets than usual.

Mia performs her one-cat show “Sit Like a Cat,” based on a poem from the Ted Kooser-Jim Harrison collection “Braided Creek”:

We should
sit like a cat
and wait for the door
to open.

And the unflappable Miss Mia Sopaipilla, who came to us from the same shelter that gave us Mister Boo, continues to provide some much-needed comic relief. The other day it was zazen on my drawing stool; this morning it was mortal combat with a long-forgotten toy mouse.

Me? You’d think I should be chronicling some velo-business for fun and profit, what with CABDA just concluded and Frostbike, NAHBS and 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo ongoing.

But I’m not, so maybe I’ll go for a ride instead.

• Editor’s note: Gassho and deep bows to one and all for your condolences following the passing of Mister Boo. Sifting through the piles of photos and videos depicting the sprightly young Boo of days gone by, and seeing the pleasure his presence provided beyond our own household, helped us remember the good times, bright moments that often fade under the harsher light of day-to-day caregiving.

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3 Responses to “Like rain falling on the city”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    We got 2 inches of soaking over 48 hours. Three and 1/2 inches up in Ramsey Canyon over the same period. Just what the drought doctor ordered. Getting a little cabin fever here. When us desert rats don’t see sunshine for a few days we get downright testy. Kinda like reading too much “news” which turns me into a grouchy old white guy, something I dearly want to avoid.

    You kitchen looks a little empty. Might want to stash all of Boo’s stuff in case another pup takes up residence in the future. I didn’t do that when Beau left, so Duffy got all new stuff. Took us two years to decide on another dog.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Two inches? Wowsah. Our little bit was good, but not good enough, according to the weather wizards.

      I finally dragged myself out yesterday for a 45-minute run in about as many degrees. Two long-sleeved tops, watch cap, tights and gloves. The desert drank that rain like a stew bum hitting the Aqua Velva.

      The kitchen is indeed empty. Cavernous, even. There’s a distinct echo. But I’m lobbying for a breakfast nook, not another dog. Although when you check out that video of The Boo all excited over dinner back in Bibleburg, you think, “Well, maybe. …”

      That’s how we acquired Mia. No, we weren’t going to go straight down to the shelter after Chairman Meow passed, nope, nuh uh, not gon’ do it, not prudent at this juncture. And so of course we did just that and she’s been the most marvelous cat you could imagine.

  2. Mark Rothschild Says:

    “Life goes on, within you and without you” – George Harrison…or as Woody Allen says,”Life is split between the,Horrible, and the’s always kinda Miserable, but sometimes..Horrible”..Cheers to your Home.

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