Sorry, we can’t use you

Going down? Don’t you wish. …

“I have insisted that we enforce the necessary safeguards and processes to review an individual’s suitability for employment at the White House before that individual begins work,” says John Kelly, White House chief of staff.

Too bad the Electoral College didn’t share his lofty standards, hey?

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8 Responses to “Sorry, we can’t use you”

  1. DownhillBill Says:

    Necessary safeguards? How many of that crowd still lack full security clearances? Or indictments, for that matter.
    Pardon my impatience.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Khal, with more recent experience, and I could go on and on about background investigations for security clearances. Those investigations normally take a year or more, at the top secret (TS) level, for people who have not already held a clearance in the prior three years. I can’t imagine anyone at the White House with less than a top secret clearance along with many additional compartmented information designations. In my experience, which is 13 years old, someone who had a protective order against them in the past probably would not pass the investigation for a TS level and would be forced to resign. All civilian jobs requiring a clearance specify that not obtaining one is grounds for dismissal. Have I got that about right Khal?

    Elected officials are another story. And a sad story it is. And he’s probably not qualified for a clearance, because he can’t control his mouth and other small parts of his anatomy.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      The wait times have only grown longer since the Chinese hacked OPM, too, or so I’ve heard. Add to that the number of non-pros who’ve never held a clearance and require vetting and you have some very busy beavers indeed.

      Assuming they haven’t all been laid off, that is. MAGA! (More Americans Going Away.)

    • khal spencer Says:

      Indeed its slow and as Pat says, for TS the investigators use a very long colonoscope. We hired a scientist who had previously (but several years earlier) held a high level security clearance. That person languished well over a year waiting for the Feds to shit or get off the pot. So the idea that these can be done quickly is not valid for bureaucratic reasons.

      I suspect that in the case of the White House, these could be expedited given the critical nature of the jobs. In the case of someone with “defamatory” information, i.e., drug, alcohol, fidelity, or protective order problems that could lead to a person being easy to compromise or having poor judgement (perhaps a requirement for the Trump administration), they are often disqualified. Its sad that these people are sitting in critical jobs and have not been vetted yet. Or indicted yet.

      One thing I don’t know is whether the investigation rigor is the same for NSI investigations (National Security Information, which doesn’t involve nuclear weapon info and which is controlled via executive order and the National Security Act of 1947) as it is for RD (Restricted Data, i.e., information relevant to nuclear weapons and controlled by the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 as amended in 1954) or if it simply depends on the classification level access rather than category access.

      MAGA: Make Americans Genuine Again.

  3. Mark Rothschild Says:


  4. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    The hypocrisy meter is pegged with these people. It was “Lock her up!” when Billary was the subject but these bozo’s only “security clearance” is their loyalty to Orange Hitler. He claims the recent indictments somehow prove his innocence in RussiaGate (as they call it here in Italy) and one can only wonder what kind of BS will flow with the next round? Gawd help us all.

  5. doug moore Says:

    Patrick, please flush your toilet right now. A giant shit is sticking up and seems to be stinking up the place, the entire nation in fact.

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