R.I.P., Andrew Tilin

Former Outside editor Andrew Tilin died Saturday after being struck by a vehicle during a club ride in Austin, Texas.

He was 52, with a partner and two kids.

You can read the magazine’s report here. The Austin Statesman also has a report.

Sounds like bad weather was at least a contributing factor. Let’s be careful out there, folks. It might not help, but it can’t hurt. And my condolences to Andrew’s friends and family.

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15 Responses to “R.I.P., Andrew Tilin”

  1. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Well that sucks. Geez, changing a flat on the side of the road and getting taken out by some motorist’s stupidity? For me just one more bit of evidence that when your number’s up, it’s up, no matter whether you’re home sitting on the can or out riding your bike.
    RIP Tilin.

  2. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Be vigilant, defensive, and careful out there.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Remember this dude? He has yet to stand trial for loading up on booze and drugs and then more or less wiping out an entire group ride nearly two years ago.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      This guy copped a plea and got 10 and 1/2 years for hitting the group out of Santa Fe in 2016. Some things you can prevent by careful riding and route selection, and some you can’t. It’s not enough to keep me off the road, YET. But the older I get, the more precious the remaining time becomes. Might end up just being a mountain biker dude. But even then you have to ride a little road to get to the trailhead.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Damn ! Another really sad story. But something to learn from. Based on the reported details, Andrew was struck by a second vehicle after the out-of-control first vehicle hit it. As a lesson to all of use, if the second vehicle had stopped and was giving aid, it should have been well clear / parked many feet behind the hazard (the bicyclist repairing a flat). In many instances of roadside accidents, the vehicle was too close to the people who either needed aid or were out of there vehicle giving aid. We have all seen this on the highway / freeway when a car has a flat and a good samaritan pulls up closely behind the disabled car, turns on their vehicles’ hazard lights and aids the motorist with the flat tire. The second vehicle at the rear becomes an added very dangerous hazard. If any of us are in this condition, we need to make sure that the second vehicle is parked at least 100 feet behind the disabled vehicle or cyclist / pedestrian needing aid. If possible, a third person can be a lookout watching the road behind the hazard. I personally was involved in just such a situation where a vehicle was disabled. Because we had a lookout, when the out-of-control vehicle came toward us. all of use were able to dive up and over a snowbank to avoid any injury. Fortunately the drivers of both vehicles did not sustain any injuries. Moral of the story: Keep an eye out on the road behind because 3000+ pound vehicles will kill in a heartbeat..

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      “Keep an eye out on the road behind because 3000+ pound vehicles will kill in a heartbeat..” is an interesting point. Makes me wonder how many (if any) incidents like these could actually be prevented rather than just imagined?. We’ve all heard the “That maniac was going to run me off the road!” from folks with rear-view mirrors. My experience over 3 decades of driving a support van behind cyclists suggests this is a myth. I’ve watched riders be passed by various vehicles on a straight stretch of road and been amazed by quotes like the one above. They are always from those with rear-view mirrors while those without don’t seem bothered, despite being passed by the same vehicle on the same road with the same distance between them and the car/truck.

  4. psobrien Says:

    If I could switch subjects for just a minute, this guy in Florida just did an O’Grady. Good on ’em!

  5. khal spencer Says:

    Jesus. Its too easy to get killed out there, whether by an AR or an SUV. We seem to lead the First World in both categories. Lucky us.

  6. Libby Says:

    Horrible. This is so sad.

  7. Mark Rothschild Says:

    …the Clouds, are gathering”…

  8. larry brown Says:

    As much as I love riding my bicycle on the road (since1962) I spend most of my time on ZWIFT, no f*cking cars or crazy drivers.

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