Days decrease, and autumn grows

Yesterday’s clouds were a harbinger of mildly unpleasant weather,
the sort one expects in October.

It’s that time of year again.

This morning, instead of going straight to The New York Times to see what deviltry Cheeto Benito has been up to while we slept, I cued up Weather Underground to find out what Thor has in store for us here in our little corner of the Duke City.

Also, I was wearing socks. And pants. O, the humanity.

I already miss my summer routine. Reveille at oh-dark-thirty as Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment) leaps into my rack. After a brief exchange of the usual courtesies it’s up and into the Columbia shorts, guinea tee and Tevas for the trip to the kitchen, where I burn an English muffin for Herself, pour a cup of joe for myself, and top off Miss Mia Sopaipilla’s kibble.

Next, open the sliding glass doors and a kitchen window. Fresh air reminds me we have two cats who haven’t mastered the flush toilet. But the litter box will have to wait. First, the news. One foul chore at a time, please.

With the international, national, regional and local butt-nuggets exhumed, examined and expunged, and a second cup of coffee to wash down a snack of some sort, it’s time to generate a bit of bloggery and/or paying copy before embarking upon some healthy outdoor activity.

Here we have another indicator of the relentless passage of time, as reliable as falling leaves. Come autumn, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News and Adventure Cyclist reduce their frequency of publication, and my income stream — hardly a raging torrent, even in the heart of the cycling season — becomes more of a dribble, the last warm sip from summer’s water bottle.

I delivered the video teaser of my Jones Plus SWB review to Adventure Cyclist on Sunday, and yesterday the November “Shop Talk” cartoon went off to BRAIN. Now I’m fresh out of other people’s bikes to ponder, and there’s just one more ’toon to draw for 2018.

And that healthy outdoor activity? Come autumn, it’s as likely to be a run as a ride. This year I started jogging again in July; this lets me sort of sneak up on my knees, give them time to grow accustomed to the idea that we enjoy this sort of thing, before winter winnows our options.

It’s a useful fiction, one that keeps me in shorts a while longer.

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15 Responses to “Days decrease, and autumn grows”

  1. mooremediaone Says:

    Indeed, here we are, orphaned from our Summer. Tough to warm up to the foster season when it’s default demeanor is: Cold, dark and dreary.

    Socks? Oh no. I feel so lucky – I’m still able to remind myself of warmer times with bare feet in the kitchen.

    -doug moore

  2. Pat O’Brien Says:

    I am wearing jeans today and knickers tomorrow. But, no worries. In 12 years summer will last much longer.

  3. khal spencer Says:

    I need to take up jogging again. Especially since the trip between BombTown and FantaSe is not an easy or pleasant biking endeavour. Especially with 5000 raging maniacs in cars and SUVs sharing a 55 mph road that is usually travelled at close to 80 by the “late for 8” crowd.

    Now lessee….about that guinea shirt comment? Patrick, do I gotta call Luca Brazi about you again?

    Interesting Wikipedia tidbit. Lenny Montana (born Leonardo Passafaro), who played Luca Brazi in The Godfather, actually was an enforcer for the Colombo family before becoming a movie star. How about that.

    • larryatcycleitalia Says:

      My favorite all-time TV show (The Sopranos) had a running gag with Christopher Moltisanti’s dalliance with the movie biz.
      Meanwhile, even our local TV news folks are wondering what happened to fall…another year in which we went straight from 90/90 heat/humidity to days like today – 45/45 temperature/wind speed. ECHHH! Why do I keep hearing Eric Burdon singing “We gotta get outta this place…” in the back of my head? Oh yeah, the weather..and…and..

      • khal spencer Says:

        We had the same shock and awe weather here. I took the BMW to work this morning after not finding my cold weather gloves. Gah…it was 40 in Fanta Se and 37 in Bombtown. I need to root through the boxes we have not yet unpacked as I suspect my cold weather biking and motorbiking gear is somewhere in whatever box I put it in when we moved back in March.

        Well, at least we’re not on the Florida Panhandle today.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Some people like that unsettled weather. My man Hal ran up Music Pass today, just ’cause he could.

        “2,200 feet of vertical in the snow and 8.5 miles round trip,” sez he. “The ski poles were very helpful.”

        Then he showered and went to town for a run with the high school cross country team.

        Me, I wound up adding a Campy cap and a long-sleeved polypro undershirt to my usual running garb, and rolled up the sleeves at the turnaround over near Piedra Lisa.

        Music Pass, by Hal Walter

        Click here for the large version.

        • larryatcycleitalia Says:

          I’m toughing it out for a few more weeks – I’ll walk enough when we’re in Sicily with no car (and nice weather) than I ever do anywhere else anyway When we get to Napoli early next year, who knows? We won’t have a car (or shopping bikes) there so I plan to do plenty of hoofing it just to do the day to day things of life. Meanwhile, where the hell are my warm clothes?

        • JD Dallager Says:

          Two inches of snow here in the Bibleburg environs……and we need all the moisture we can get.

          I’ll go for a reasonable MTB ride here today just to be able to discreetly “brag” to my aging colleagues about how tough I am!

          Can’t hold a candle to Hal however. He’s one tough hombre.

  4. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Well hell we northerners have been dropping plenty of coin in winter months down in FL and AZ. Time for you to repay the favor if it’s cold down there you say and you need extra layers? Well my friends it was 85 degrees here in Detroit area yesterday. No long pants or socks needed. (Disclaimer-Michigan weather subject to change without notice)

  5. Hurben Says:

    Aaahh, Spring in NZ, time to start working on the sandal tan..

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      There you go with the sandal tan stuff again. And, here I go with the guest room comment again. Got a guest room? Herb might need it. And lots of us might need it if our fake president stays around much longer.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Clearly we need to launch a chain of DogHostels™. And by “we,” I mean Larry and Hurben. I like a king-size bed and breakfast therein.

      • larryatcycleitalia Says:

        Sorry, you have to be married to me to get room service-which is wherever we live limited to cappuccino delivery in the morning, directly to the bedside.
        You don’t wanna be anywhere near my wife in the AM until she’s had her cappuccino!
        OTOH-Piedmont Cycling Resort does offer a pro package where we do pretty much everything but pedal the bike for you: all meals, massage, regular bike wash, full-service laundry, on-road vehicle support and more. But unlike pro cyclists who get paid, you pay us for these services!

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