Roman hands and Russian fingers

A tip of Dr. Dogbyte’s scrub cap to Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys.”

OK, lemme see if I have this right here:

It’s a disgrace to ask whether the pestilence of the Benighted States is a useful idiot stooging for the Russians.

But it’s OK to ask whether his predecessor was a Kenyan Muslim socialist not born in this country.

Got it.

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10 Responses to “Roman hands and Russian fingers”

  1. Esteban O’ Says:

    Two secrets to the success of the Rethuglican Party:
    1) they all fall in line behind their candidate, no matter how disgusting the bum is. See judge Roy Moore and Donald J Trump

    2) they argue everything in a vacuum with zero recollection of what they said five minutes ago. Twitter and Facebook are all about winning one post at a time, so it just doesn’t matter how many hypocritical cheetah flips they have to do

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      And they vote. Your Repug won’t stay home on Election Day if he’s bleeding out from a sucking chest wound, afoot and wearing an ankle monitor.

      • David Rees Says:

        I don’t know Patrick. This asshole may just have pissed off, confused, angered and disenfranchised enough of his knuckle- dragging rethug devotes that they may just not vote at all in 2020. They sure as hell ain’t going to vote with anyone with a “D” after their name, so they don’t vote, period. A win for us all.

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        I’d settle for that, David. God knows our crowd has done that often enough. It’s time their dummies stayed on the bench.

  2. Jon Paulos Says:

    I’ve been listening to “Bagman”, a podcast about the fall of Spiro Agnew, put together by Rachel Maddow. Pretty interesting, the parallels between Agnew and Trump, especially the reaction of the Republican Party, which was pretty much the same both times. The podcast has a lot of fluff (“Coming up, Agnew will say this!”), but it’s still pretty good.

    • Dale Says:

      I was 19 years old and a freshman in college working a summer job at the Nassau Motel in Ocean City Maryland when my governor (Agnew) was chosen to be Tricky Dick’s VP. Agnew rented the ocean front beach house owned by the motel, shortly after the convention had closed.

      Security was not as tight in those days. Spiro and Judy were able to use the public beach (under SS survielance) without evicting the actual public. The Agnew’s daughter, Kim, swam in our pool while other guests were present. My only encounter with the Secret Service was when I had to replace a light bulb in the beach house. I was patted down when I entered, made to surrender the new bulb for inspection, and observed while I replaced the bad bulb. I did catch a glimpse of the family nanny-for-the-summer; she was attractive, tall, brunette, and attractive, tall, and brunette.

      I was smitten; but since I worked 7 days a week, and she worked 7/24 as far as I could figure, I was never able to talk to her.

      That’s my Agnew story. BTW: The National Lampoon magazine had a column “Mrs. Agnew’s Diary” that was both irreverent and hilarious.

  3. Esteban O’ Says:

    There is some serious psychological bullshit going on with conservatives around the globe right now. Last month Radiolab did a bit it started out with #ElbowGate up in Canada, where the conservatives went ape shit when Justin Trudeau accidentally elbowed somebody

  4. Pat O'Brien Says:

    We here in the “Dog House” have been calling him a tool for over 2 years. Putin, Kim, and Xi have been playing this fool for the same amount of time, along with his sycophants. Putin owns him. I can’t wait until Vlad releases the donald’s new movie, “Yellow Rain” on youtube. But, maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows him best as she posted on a tweet concerning her calling him a racist on 60 Minutes.

    “I bartended for *years* in New York City. I understand guys like this like the back of my hand. We got under his skin.”

    I want to see him go one on one in a debate with Kamala Harris. Of the whole dem crew lining up for 2020, I think she would kick his ass the same way she made Jeff Sessions so nervous he couldn’t answer her questions.

  5. khal spencer Says:

    King dethroned, via The New York Times.

    • Editor’s note: This is Your Humble Narrator augmenting Khal’s post after the link he posted didn’t work.

  6. Herb from Michigan Says:

    Oh how it would please me to hear a massive chant at the next State of the Union break out. “Lock him up!” A few MF@#$& thrown in would be good too.

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