“We just saw an eagle go by. It was carrying a baby.” (h/t E.B. White)

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3 Responses to “Eagle-eyed”

  1. Libby Says:

    Nothing outdoors gets past those two. They are really just softies, though, who enjoy a bit of patrol, practicing a wiggle to pounce, bugling at birds and eyeing humans who might bundle them into carriers to go off-site to be probed by an alien life force.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      They really are a funny couple of felines. Not a bit alike, though they seem to enjoy each other’s company. Both 12, but Mia is smaller and much more active. Playful, vocal, bossy. El Turko is more of a layabout, prone to casual violence, though he can be goaded into playing for short stretches.

      Turk will sit in my lap, sometimes, and enjoys a morning and evening visit to the bed if I’m in it. Mia likes being picked up and held briefly at the shoulder, like an infant human, but doesn’t do laps.

      The other night I got them both to kip in the bed, which never happens. The Turk was snuggled up on one side while Mia took the other. Probably both were a little weirded out by Herself’s extended trip to Florida and the apparently endless rain.

      • Libby Says:

        Hayley sits on my shoulder or drapes across the back of my neck when I sit in a highbacked wing chair. She squishes herself into the nooks. But, I can’t pick her up and hold her and she never hangs out in my lap. I adopted her and her bio brother (who died from cancer) when she was 4, now she is 8. My other 2 cats are bio sibs adopted at 2 yrs old. They are very sweet and they accept a short cuddle.

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