Some like it hot

Lessee, there’s freedom of the press, freedom of speech,
and freedom to run like hell from the cops with their heat ray. Got it.

H.G. Wells got it wrong. Mars isn’t the problem.

Before the feds drove protesters from Lafayette Square in June, according to an Army National Guard major who was there, the Defense Department’s top military police officer in the Washington region emailed officers in the D.C. National Guard to ask whether the unit had “a microwave-like weapon called the Active Denial System, which was designed by the military to make people feel like their skin is burning when in range of its invisible rays.”

According to The Washington Post:

The technology, also called a “heat ray,” was developed to disperse large crowds in the early 2000s but was shelved amid concerns about its effectiveness, safety and the ethics of using it on human beings.

Pentagon officials were reluctant to use the device in Iraq. In late 2018, The New York Times reported, the Trump administration had weighed using the device on migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border — an idea shot down by Kirstjen Nielsen, then the Homeland Security secretary, citing humanitarian concerns.

But in the email, on which DeMarco was copied, the lead military police officer in the National Capital Region wrote the ADS device “can provide our troops a capacity they currently do not have, the ability to reach out and engage potential adversaries at distances well beyond small arms range, and in a safe, effective, and nonlethal manner.”

Federal police ultimately were unable to obtain a heat ray device — or an LRAD — during the early days of protests in D.C., according to the Defense Department official.

“During the early days,” hey? Don’t forget to wear your Alcoa cammies when you’re out smashing the state, boys and girls. And spray yourself with a little olive oil, maybe stuff a few onions, taters, and carrots into your undies. The “Martians” are going to need a lunch break at some point.


17 Responses to “Some like it hot”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    JFC. Its bad enough that Congress authorized the military to donate MRAPs to the local cops. Now this?

    That email needs to be published, the official named and told to resign his position. And yep, time to make those emergency aluminized space blankets sitting in our backpacks into your official “let’s spend a day at the protest” uniforms.

    Oh, and past the basting brush please, Patrick. What a fuckin’ country!

  2. SAO' Says:

    District police just casually email everyone they know in the DC National Guard … nothing unusual there.

    Major problems here are obvious, but a minor one is that they went to the Nasty Guard instead of, say, Aberdeen Proving Grounds right down the street, cuz they knew a Guard armorer would be super casual with their weapons sign-out procedures.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Armchair commandoes and their toys. If he could declare martial law and shoot protesters, he would. There is a complete lack of cojones or ovaries in the administration. Maybe I’m just confused.

    • khal spencer Says:

      I’m pretty worried about what happens between Election Day and Inauguration Day. My concern is that someone in DC is going to have to grow a pair in case Orange Hitler decides not to vacate, assuming he loses.

    • Pat O’Brien Says:

      They would have to check their loyalty pledge and non-disclosure documents to see if “growing a pair” is allowed. Since they are all enablers of this failed state of ours, they won’t even check. Welcome to the slow motion establishment of a dictatorship. It will stand or fall in November. I will vote, then think about something else. My health can’t take this shit anymore.

  4. Hurben Says:

    Earlier in my life, a trio of us worked for an American software house. We’d develop software in NZ for 3 months & then fly to Chicago for a month to integrate with the American teams etc. I was once asked, “what do you think about Americans?” in a bar, late at night, my response was that there were many wonderful fine folk but unfortunately also a lot of people who seemed to believe that they were staring in their own movie. I got a blank look & a crapping out from my Boss afterwards..

    • Shawn Says:

      Yeah Hurben. It’s a shame that a person has to be worry about hurting our (American’s) glass egos. There’s nothing like sitting in a bar having a tasty brew or a fine irish whiskey and having an honest conversation and then discovering that your honesty was considered as staining our flag. I’m only sorry that your boss was kissing a little too much American booty when he crapped you out.

      Perhaps someday I’ll travel down to New Zealand and wander into a pub to discover the wonders of NZ distilled whiskey and start up a critical conversation. The Kiwi patrons can be critical of me and America and I’ll be critical of the New Zealand …..? umm…..?…., well I’ll figure out something about New Zealand that should be criticized. In the mean time I’ll have another one of those Kiwi whiskeys and try to figure out the movie that I’m starring in.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Haw. “Starring in their own movie.” This I like. I haven’t gotten around much, save in the States, but this seems accurate to me. Pick your script, select a costume, and it’s lights! Camera! Action!

      It doesn’t help that we insist on naming everything and everyone. I can’t think of a single label that defines me, but there’s always someone eager to give me one.

      Mostly we define ourselves by our jobs, what we “do,” which can make life very unpleasant for us when we stop “doing” them. What are we when the credits roll and the theater lights come up?

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        Ain’t that the truth! Wanna put you in a box, and treat everyone in the box the same.

      • Shawn Says:

        Box? I thought they said I was in a septic tank. Do you have a view when you’re in a box?

      • khal spencer Says:

        Word, O’G. One reason I have nightmares about retiring is I keep waking up and asking “Who will I be without this goddamn forty year old Mr. Science hat on?” Scary thought to those of us who put our heart and soul into our c.v. instead of ourselves.

        Someone in a big pet store here in Fanta Se once asked me what I do for a living, since our checkbook had Los Alamos on it at the time and I had Dr in front of my name, which I have since gotten rid of as the hubris finally got to me. I said I was a chemist at LANL. The person said “but what do you DO in chemistry?”. I deadpanned, in honesty, “I certify weapons of mass destruction”. The whole place went dead silent and Meena said “don’t do that again”. Hmm. Was that what I wanted to have on my headstone?

        Good friend of mine in Honolulu just passed on and put me in a funk. He wore lotsa hats and never missed a beat changing hats. Marine J.O. in Vietnam, retired the USMC as a colonel rather than leave Hawaii. Became a VP in an environmental engineering firm, where we met. Retired and went full bore into bike and pedestrian advocacy, building trails, riding bikes, and kayaking. I last spoke to him two years ago and he wasn’t doing so well. Tried to call him last week, no answer. Got an email from the Hawaii Bicycling League two days ago saying he checked out. John always was fun, had a cold beer ready for you, and was busy being a great guy and a mountain of an advocate. Wish there were more of him.

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