Hot lap, señores!

On your mark, get set — go!

Zoom, off we go for another circuit of Old Sol. Here’s hoping it’s not the bell lap. If it is, I don’t think I’m gonna finish in the money.

The birthday bash was low-key. A couple of phone calls and texts, a few choruses of “Happy Birthday,” and a great big ol’ green chile cheeseburger with bacon, white cheddar, and fries at the Range Cafe. This is something I’d never cook for myself, so yay, etc.

That’s a lot of comics rat there, Skeezix.

Herself, knowing my history with comics, scored me the collected “Watchmen,” by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. I was a superhero fiend early on, starting with DC and moving on to Marvel, then diverted to the underground comics for some years before losing track of the medium for an extended period.

When “Watchmen” came along in the mid-Eighties I was into changing newspapers like underwear and racing bicycles, and never heard a peep about it. I found Zack Snyder’s movie incomprehensible — Terry Gilliam had been tapped to direct but deemed the comic “unfilmable” and bailed — but I loved the HBO miniseries, so I’m looking forward to examining the original source material.

Got the 68-minute bike ride in on the trails around Elena Gallegos Open Space, and was lucky to escape unscathed for another lap of the sun. It looked like the Big I at the cocktail hour on Friday, is what.

Of course, back when I was still a man, instead of whatever it is that I am now, I would’ve ridden my age in miles, not minutes. But the rides were shorter then, and didn’t burn quite so much daylight.

Hell, I didn’t get my burger on until 2 in the peeyem as it was. If I’da gone for 68 miles I’da been having it for breakfast this morning.

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13 Responses to “Hot lap, señores!”

  1. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Oh, happy day! Our partners let us live another year. I wonder if I deserved it. Best wishes me amigo! Patricio

  2. khal spencer Says:

    Congrats on another circuit. I put off the 68 miles until the days are longer and warmer, given that it will probably take me close to six hours and if it is cold, my knees will lock up. Or, I’ll do the km trip again.

    IIRC, January was even tough for a short ride. I have an IOU for that birthday ride that I better pay off before the Grim Reaper catches up.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Well, somebody had to drag out the old gravely voice:

    It sure is great that the world circled El Sol and spun around enough times that the Range Cafe just happened to end up in front of you for a tasty feast.

    Sit tibi frui multa sapidum viridi purus burgers in futuro

  4. John A Levy Says:

    Happy Birthday old timer, had 12 oz prime rib with asparagus and a chicken tortilla soup. prime rib tough to eat that much. Got a 68 minuter walk in, a June 13 is the date for knee replacement and no more running evetr except in casde of imminent danger. So hang in there.

  5. carl duellman Says:

    Habby Birfday!

  6. B Lester Says:

    HBD! Nice day for another lap. Congratulations!

  7. Julian Shapiro Says:

    Patrick O’Grady –

    Hope this reaches you. It has been my intention to reach out for a while.

    I am: the guy who posted about Laurence Malone when he died last year. turned 68 on Saturday. old roadie type a P. O’G. fan since ancient Velonews days. holder of a certain world view that jibes with yours

    So now I’m in NM. Currently in Santa Fe. In contract for a property up in Medanales. I’d love to meet some day. For a beer? For a ride? -if I ever get a hold of my bikes again- in storage 2000 miles away.

    In any case, Happy Birthday.

    Julian Shapiro ᐧ

  8. DownhillBill Says:

    Happy birthday, Youngblood!

  9. PETER Says:

    Happy Birthday, Patrick!

  10. Shawn Says:

    Mr. O’Grady hasn’t posted anything on his fine site in a day or two, so I’m adding my proposal here. But hey, it can be considered a late birthday present.

    I thought I’d offer you guys the opportunity to join me for a cycling outing. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend $36 on an investment that a couple of days ago, turned out to be quite profitable. The 36 was symbolic because that is when I met the lady of my dreams. Unfortunately it turned out that I was not the guy of her dreams and it didn’t work out. But the 36 has stuck with me when I need a spontaneous number for speculation. In this case the expense of that number produced a series of numbers that required me to hire a couple of legal professionals to assist me with future financial planning. My troubles have only just begun but my banks are smiling at me.

    The outing: I have arranged for the use of a large vacation home later next month (May) in the Mammoth Lakes region of California. It is a large enough home where several people will be able to enjoy themselves and interact and come and go as they want. I’ve invited four friends of mine down from Alaska as well as a buddy from Portland to join me and I have another six rooms that will be available for other friends. I thought I’d inquire to a few of you guys and your better halves to see if you want to join us for some high altitude casual riding and enjoying ourselves in the high Sierra sunshine. If needed and because it will benefit my tax liability, I can arrange for the flights from where you may located to either southern California (LAX) or Reno, both locations of which are similar distances away from Mammoth Lakes (Note to Hurben: Depending upon travel restrictions, I should be able to arrange a flight up from NZ to LAX). I can arrange for shuttle transportation from the airports, or if you’d prefer as I would, to arrange to rent you vehicles that you can then drive to Mammoth Lakes yourselves.

    I’ve got the vacation home for 7 days and may decide to extend it for a longer period. I thought we could coordinate 5 or 6 road rides in the area and then socialize in the house with common meals or socialize and libate in a local brew pub or other dining establishment. I believe there is at least one brewery in the area that has some tasty beer and I’m sure there is a south-of-the-border eatery whose green chilies need judging. But my offer is open and if some folks want to take off on their own for other recreation, they can do so at their pleasure.

    The house is large enough that even hanging around and relaxing will be really nice. There are a couple of hot tubs and even a small outdoor pool that we’ll be able to use. Fast dedicated 5G wifi is available and the house has a theater along with several large flat screens in various rooms of the house.

    My intent is also to discuss with you an investment option that I have. As I’ve indicated earlier, I have a significant tax liability and have a couple of investment ideas that you may wish to join me in. Involvement is not necessary but by joining me for the vacation outing, all of us will benefit from my expense.

    I will be communicating directly with POG about this event and will discuss with him many of the details. You’ll be able to talk with him and confirm the legitimacy of this outing. In the meantime feel free to get in touch with me directly through POG and my travel coordinator (a new hire – who would have thought?) to arrange the trip details. Please note that my travel coordinator will need to hear back from you by April 15th, Two Thousand Twenty-One.

    I look forward to meeting you rapscallions and seeing if any of your faces match the mugshots posted at my local Post Office.

    Gleðilegan April fífladag!

  11. Pat O’Brien Says:

    Is Hal going to Tombstone this year?

  12. SAO' Says:

    Congrats on yet another successful 365.256363 day, 583825190 mile, 66610 mph lap around the big ball of fire.
    (Your mileage may vary.)

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