Some rides are better than others

It was just peachy out the back door.

While a 21-year-old Air National Guard tech-support REMF was getting rousted in his skivvies on charges of playing Sun Tzu for an online audience of teeny-boppers, I was out riding the old bikey-bikey on a fairly glorious spring day.

If I have a choice, I’m always gonna go for the latter over the former. It’s hard to shift and brake with the bracelets on.

Thursday’s conditions were not quite as sunny as they were Wednesday, when the high was a blistering 81° (!).

But they had to be a whole lot better than the atmosphere in the SUV with the FBI as they ferried our man Airman First Class Jack Teixeira down to the federal jug and a date with Magistrate Judge David Hennessy of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, who ordered him jailed until a detention hearing next Wednesday, according to The Associated Press and The New York Times.

Down by the river, I rode my Wazoo. …

My conversations with judges have mostly been brief and costly — the dollar-to-word ratio is appalling — and I try to avoid them whenever possible.

So, yeah. The bike ride. The single-ring, seven-speed Voodoo Wazoo and I went for a leisurely spin around the Elena Gallegos Open Space, which is generally a low-traffic area on Thursdays, as was the case yesterday.

The water feature remains in operation, as you see. I hurdled it cyclocross style and went along my merry way. Here’s hoping that pleasant little rivulet helps dilute the shitshow downstream from Jemez Springs, where spring flooding has overwhelmed the sewage-treatment plant.

Ain’t much gonna dilute the shitshow over OG, The Great and Powerful, Duke of Discord. The Creature from the Sewage Lagoon, Margarine Trailer Greenhorn, has already expressed her “thoughts” on the issue (link not included), and the less said about that the better.

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10 Responses to “Some rides are better than others”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    And to think some of us, such as Yours Truly and Herself, take that Cone of Silence seriously. Meanwhile, this immature little turd is sneaking stuff out with impunity. Well, until he got caught.

    I only wish those responsible for minding the store and ensuring the rules were followed by this little turd were headed for those same little rooms in the Federal Hotel.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, one gets the feeling that the fallout will drift only in the one direction, concentrated upon the 21-year-old airman first class who probably wishes he’d stuck to blowing cookie crumbs out of keyboards and Windexing monitors.

    • Shawn Says:

      Yes Khal. It’s a shame that one of such age (the document leaker), has the capability of accessing such information, without the knowledge and wisdom of the possible consequences that result from the release of that information. As for his superiors and the chain-of-knowledge standards established above the leaker, I hope that appropriate penalties and corrections are made. Perhaps that is an area where AI could be implemented. The policing of classified and top secret information and it’s distribution. If the document or information is coded, the AI system could be set to not allow such information outside of a certain group or area with multiple level authorization.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Isn’t Margerine Tailored Green the name of a new hole at Meer-O-Lardo?

    It’s fine to hear that you may be enjoying some warm weather riding. Are you disrobed of tights on your rides now? Displaying the ivory brightness developed from months of your winter season? I thought a few days ago I would be able to hang up the big boy pants but a glance at the temp gauge indicated that although bright and sunny, the 50 degrees of mercury in the gauge dictated that knees remain warm and mobile.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I went from tights and long sleeves to knee and arm warmers a while back, and took the plunge to bare arms and legs on Wednesday.

      Ay, Chihuahua. You never saw such whiteness. I made the zombie mushroom people from “The Last of Us” look like George Hamilton.

    • khal spencer Says:

      Its been yin and yang up here in the People’s Republic. Two days ago it was high seventies, shorts, and short sleeve jersey. Today it is low fifties again and a howling wind out of the southeast. Time to drag out the warm kit again.

  3. Says:

    Careful with those Irish white bits exposed to Ol Sol or you will end up like me. I didn’t pay the dermatologist’s bill in February, so he took a pound of flesh in March in lieu of greenbacks.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      Yeah, Dr. Hide tells me I gotta wear the SPF Infinity. Dudes at the International Space Station can see me with the naked eye.

      “Hey, looks like O’Grady’s going out for a ride again.”

      • Pat O’Brien Says:

        Dr. Hide the dermatologist? Tell me that’s an O’Gradyism. Otherwise, I love it. Who’s their partner? Dr. Seek? Dr. Jekyll? Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe?

      • Patrick O'Grady Says:

        Haw. I like that one too, but it can’t be original with me. You know somebody else got there first. “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was published in 1886.

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