He used to cut the grass

I used to cut the grass. I should do it again today. But I’d rather take a nice bike ride, maybe dwindle off into the twilight realm of my own secret thoughts. It’s day four of Zappadan 2014, and I don’t know any nice songs for cutting the grass.

Except for this one. And no, I won’t turn it down. I’m not a very nice boy.

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9 Responses to “He used to cut the grass”

  1. khal spencer Says:

    Those lawn mowers really go for a guy who dresses up as a house wife and speaks German, eh?

    “Joe’s Garage,” eh? We used to play that back in graduate school, preferrably late in the evening when the only people left in the building were grad students and other riff raff.

  2. Pet Bisson Says:

    Two years short of a half century ago 21 year-old Frank wrote Trouble Every Day during the Watts riots. He takes dead aim at excessive use of police force, looters, the media, and racial hatred on all sides. Jack Fretwell’s video with “Trouble” as the score seems as true today as it did back then.

  3. Pete Bisson Says:

    Oops, Frank wasn’t 21, he was 26. My bad.

  4. Larry T. Says:

    I’d rather do pretty much anything than cut the grass! I really, really hate lawn chores and the like. But I’m lucky to have a neighbor who takes care of most of that for us, whether we’re there or not. Today we took the MTB’s over to the Appia Antica to bounce around for a couple of hours.

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