Oh deer

Trail 366, if memory serves. You can ride this sucker on a road bike, and I have.

After another morning spent cranking away on the Fuji Touring for review purposes I devoted the afternoon to tooling around the Elena Gallegos trails on my trusty, dusty old Voodoo Nakisi MonsterCrosser®.

There were a half-dozen deer to the left of me and about the same to the right. Don’t want to hit one of these dudes at speed on the old MonsterCrosser®. It will end badly.

As I was motoring along, enjoying the ridiculously warm weather (68, a degree shy of the record), I caught a glimpse of a big gray booty ambling through the scrub and hit the binders.

Sure enough, a sizable herd of mule deer was cruising the ’hood. So I stopped and snapped a couple pix with the battered Canon 300 HS, which has decided to start working again, kinda, sorta.

Mule deer are not nature’s geniuses. Back in Weirdcliffe we used to joke that you could hunt them with a Twinkie and a ball-peen hammer.

But they look serene, majestic and brilliant when compared to the ruminants grazing the nation down to the bedrock in DeeCee. There is nary a problem in the world that a Republican legislature cannot make worse.

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11 Responses to “Oh deer”

  1. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    Our shack’s on a dead-end street next to Nature Conservancy virgin midwest prairie so we get critters of all kinds wandering through the neighborhood like politicians looking for campaign funding. But these deer, turkeys, pheasants, etc. just eat what they can and move on rather than vote for tax breaks for the wealthy.
    Meanwhile, our Iowa congress-critters seem to be all on-board to help the overprivileged at our expense with claims they would have shouted down had they been made when the previous occupant lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Party-hacks… all of ’em!!!

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      And to think politicians have the nerve to try to curtail panhandling.

      At times I wonder whether it might be useful to force them to take their little act on the road — or better yet, the rails — instead of having a permanent base of operations in DeeCee. All the columns and statuary there give them delusions of grandeur. Hardly a one of them with the honor of a piano player in a whorehouse.

  2. Carl Duellman Says:

    we get lots of possums and raccoons. the neighbors claim to have seen a fox on our street. i thought they were talking about me but no. some of the local communities get the occasional black bear digging through the garbage cans. the authorities have made it legal to shoot them instead of mandating bear-proof garbage cans.

  3. Pat O'Brien Says:

    You see lots of critters on rides down this way. Coues and mule deer, turkey, javelina, coytote, fox, and the occasional buzzworm. The buzzworms haven’t been on the road or trail to much yet because of the warm weather. I have had two close encounters with deer while riding. Patrick is right, if you hit one, it will not end well.

    I hope Flake and Corker tell Mango Mussolini to go pound sand up his ass on the tax bill. Otherwise, the dumpster will save about $1B on estate taxes and up to $10 on income tax for his “pass through” business income. Best I can figure at this point. Now how is that not a conflict of interest? Never mind, cause it don’t matter with him.

    • Pat O'Brien Says:

      Geeze Louise, I need to read what I write before I hit the post button! The buzzworms haven’t been on the road or trail TOO much… His income tax savings would be about $10 Million, not ten bucks. But that is based on his partial 2005 tax returns that were published a while back.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      I remember the first night the McDowell Mountain javelina came snuffling around my little Eureka tent. I thought sure the Devil had come for me; perhaps with an an undiagnosed sinus problem, but the Devil nonetheless.

  4. debby511 Says:

    Deer come through my property every day. Just had a herd come through this morning. They like to graze on the cheatgrass and even the pine trees. They’re pretty mellow, but prefer humans to keep their distance. Don’t think you’d have much luck hunting them with a ball peen hammer!

    Was supposed to snow today but it didn’t. That pleases me. Snow is a four-letter word to me. As a friend used to say, snow is fine as long as I don’t have to shovel it, drive on it, or walk on it.

    • Patrick O'Grady Says:

      No snow, please, and thank you. The only snow that’s fun is the kind of pow’ful dumper that basically takes you right off the grid and out of your comfort zone for the better part of quite some time.

      I think twice in Bibleburg we got enough snow to ski the streets and neighborhood parks. And once in Weirdcliffe we got something like four feet all at once around Thanksgiving and it pretty much stayed around until May.

      That was fun. I stomped a snowshoe course around the property and a dude with a backhoe turned our road into a slalom run.

      But I’m definitely over the annoying little bits that you have to shovel. Hard on an auld fella’s lower back, don’t you know.

  5. Pat O'Brien Says:

    Speaking of politicians, the dotard is now messing with Andrew Card on twitter. Hitting Card with hints and allegations. So, maybe we will see if the old rule still is in force. Don’t mess with people who buy ink by the barrel.

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