Barbarians at the gates

Semper felinus.

An old friend and colleague, Steve Frothingham of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, popped round for a short visit yesterday, bringing his special lady Diane and their two largish dogs.

The chair recognizes the Minister for Photography.

Field Marshal Turkish von Turkenstein (commander, 1st Feline Home Defense Regiment) immediately declared a red alert, and he and aide-de-camp Miss Mia Sopaipilla stationed themselves at the sliding glass door leading to the back patio, both of them puffed up to Death Star size.

Mister Boo, a 4-F, conscientious objector and suspected canine sympathizer, was interned in the kitchen, where he sang “Kumbaya” softly to himself before nodding off to dream of lunch, snacks and dinner.

Once the invaders had retreated the all-clear was sounded and the commander and his staff assumed a more relaxed defense posture. That is all.

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4 Responses to “Barbarians at the gates”

  1. Pat O'Brien Says:

    So, do the front line soldiers of the Feline Corps tolerate strange dogs without mounting a coordinated combat assault on the invaders? Or, we these dogs large enough that Mia and Turk realized that if you step out of evil’s way, it will disappear by itself.

  2. larryatcycleitalia Says:

    I met (though you know how it goes…”I’m sure we’ve met before because your face is familiar for some reason”) Steve at PBMA in Denver a few weeks back. Small world, especially when you’re talking about the world of cycling, eh?

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